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Aneko Bado
Name Aneko
Personal Status
Birthdate April 12
Age 25
Gender Female
Height 5'2
Weight 112 lbs
Blood Type A
Hometown N/A
Home Country N/A
Clan Bado Clan
Occupation Leader of Bado Clan
Kekkei Genkai Explosion Release
Hiden Techniques Bird Summon
Falcons Eye
Eagle Scope
Wing Wind Storm
Feather Drizzle
Explosive Feather Drizzle
Wing Armor
Winged Blade
Explosive Birds
Nature Type Wind Release

Lightning Release

Jutsu Eagles
Lightning Release: Lightning Wings
Weapons Feathers


Aneko was born into the Bado Clan with Explosion Release, it was from when she was born that the clan knew she was going to be the leader of the clan. Well they were right, when she became 25 she was made the clans leader.


She is short being 5'2, she has orange hair and red eyes. In her hair she has a purple bow on the left and a small hat on the right of her head. She wears this golden button up shirt where it doesn't button over her cleavage, then she wears golden arm sleeves with black gloves. She wears this burgundy bow tie above her breast, then around her waist she has a purple bow. She wears a golden skirt that comes up to her thigh, then she wears black boots that go past her knee and to her thigh. Then she has very large wings that is able to cover her whole body.


She is a nice person and likes to have fun. She doesn't get mad that easily, but she will fight. She likes to fly around places and watch birds. But at times she is cruel as well.


Explosion ReleaseEdit

She was born with the Explosion Release kekkei genkai, she know how to use its full use, she intertwines it to her birds, and that tricks people most times.

Bado Clan TechniquesEdit

She knows about all the techniques that the Bado clan made, she has made a few of her own as well. Most of the Bado clan techniques are long range, so she is a long range fighter.


She isn't that skilled in taijutsu but knows enough to protect her self.

Nature TransformationEdit

Her best nature is Lightning Release, she has a technique she made called Lightning Release: Lightning Wings, lightning goes to her wings to increase speed.

Chakra ControlEdit

She has good chakra control, she is able to use explosion release with her Bado Clan techniques at the same time.

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