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Alternate Dimension

The Alternate Dimension is a dimension somewhere in the galaxy, it is currently occupied by the Uchū Clan, and has a number of different things there. The dimension does sustain life, having tree like plants, very different animals than earth, and even a moon. It has huge desert like plains that stretch for miles, from the speculations by the Uchū Clan, they state that many of their clan members died in this stretch of desert like plains until they found plant life. Then on the other side, there is nothing but lush, green, plant life everywhere, and a source of some type of water. Then in another area, its nothing but mountains, and rocky plains, no plant life, just mountain. Then its another area, with just a snow like substance and coldness. There is then a whole area of the water like liquid, with a few patches of land here and there. In all of these areas, the moon just stays out, no day light, nothing but the moon light. The moon illuminates the areas well enough to the point where, its just like sun light.

Then there is this special area, that no one has ventured to yet, it is a huge hole or gap in the earth that stretches for miles long and wide, in this area it illuminates bright, as if the sun was in the sky, though its not. Over this gap or hole in the land are floating pieces of land, there are floating bodies of water. Bodies of water such as streams, and rivers flow like they are on land, it is a very mystical area. But, down below all of this, is this fiery pit, a very hot, humid, smokey, rocky area. It has this lava like substance, ash like substance, fire like substance, nothing hardly survives down there. Above the fiery area and floating area, high in the sky are clouds that have endless lighting flowing through them. The clouds cover the whole area and even more area than the gap does. In a unpredictable manner, the clouds move to another area, when that happens the lightning strikes damaging anything in the area.

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