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Akechi Rekai
Reaper of the Rekai Clan
Kanji 明智
Rōmaji Akechi
Personal Status
Birthdate October 31
Age 45
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 130 lbs
Blood Type O
Hometown Iwagakure
Home Country Land of Stone
Affiliation Rekai Clan
Rank Jonin
Classification S-Rank
Ninja Registration 23432
Academy Grad. Age 11
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
Kekkei Genkai Full Release
Jutsu Chakra Armor
Full Release: Tiger Armor
Chakra Slicer
Chakra Push
Rapid Fire Chakra Orbs
Full Release: Chakra Enhanced Speed
Weapons Ogama



Akechi is a slim man with long white hair. He wears shoulder and chest armor that has spikes coming from the shoulder part. Then he wears this shirt that is white with black stripes where the ribs are. Then where his stomach is, he wears armor that covers his stomach, thighs, and below the belt. Then he wears baggy navy blue pants, on his arms are a type of arm sleeve. Then on his hands he wears gloves, and on his feet he wears flat shoes.


He is cold blooded, if he has a mission to kill a baby then he will do it, that's why he was given the name, the Reaper of the Rekai Clan. Like almost everyone in the Rekai Clan, he love to fight, but with Akechi, he mainly fights for blood. He thrives on killing people, the only reason he isn't the leader of the rekai clan is because he doesn't want to be. Other than that he is a good leader and will follow rules.


Full ReleaseEdit

Having the Full Release kekkei genkai and with the abilities they have, he has some of the most chakra in the clan. He knows just about all Rekai Clan techniques with the exception of the medical ones. He has made a few of his own that are known throughout the clan. His chakra as the ability to absorb other chakra.


He has pretty good taijutsu, his slim body puts him at an advantage for more accurate shots. He has good reflexes and is pretty fast, but he lacks in the strength department.

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