This article, Air Void Technique, is the exclusively used by Yūrei, The Spectre. Thus, his permission is required to alter or modify any of the content present on the page.
Air Void Technique
Name Air Void Technique
Kanji 風空空の術
Literal English Air Void Technique
Other Name(s) Air Void Creation
Rank A-rank or above
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive, Supplementary, Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu, Wind Release
Chakra Nature Wind Release
User(s) Ryūken Senju

Air Void Technique is one of the most dangerous techniques ever used by Ryūken Senju. The technique allows him to erase the oxygen from surrounding environment causing respiring organism to choke and even go into cardiac arrest. He can absorb air from a given area to cause a massive implosion, or to cause others to suffocate. Shin can also release the air in order to create an explosion that can even break through rock. Since, he absorbs the very air itself all of fire-based techniques or sound-based- techniques become useless against him. Further explanation of the process is quite scientific, by causing the air pressure inside the very object/person an object to expand drastically, it would lead to a phenomenal explosion. What, he user describes as, "Explosion without Explosion Release".

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