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Air Rupture
Name Air Rupture
Kanji 宙決裂
Literal English Air Rupture
Rank Un-ranked
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive,Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Wind Release
Chakra Nature Wind Release
User(s) Ryūken Senju

By using Sonic winds, he can control the ratio between air pressure and sound waves, causing air molecules to vibrate at proportional magnitude of the ratio. This allows him to create and control supersonic air currents. It also allows him to transmit and control sound within the atmosphere. By increasing the air ratio to 100% (and reducing sound to 0%) he can fire off highly condensed blunt blasts of air capable of shattering rocks and deflecting weapons. Reversely, by increasing the sound ratio to 100%, he can generate ultrasonic waves that cannot be heard by an average person. At sufficient levels, the airwaves produces a blast overpressure, or high-energy-impulse noise, which is the sharp instantaneous rise in ambient atmospheric pressure, enough to cause critical or even lethal effects. By firing, powerful shock waves that can blow the flesh off the opponents, rupturing internal organs and shatter bones.


  • Deemed as overpowered by fools but it is really slightly stronger than the Resonating Echo Drill except with a variety of application. It is not power, it is versatility of the technique that makes it high ranked.

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