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Puppet Aimi
Name Puppet Aimi
User(s) Gorou


Aimi is a special puppet created by the puppet master Gorou which unlike most puppets, do not have any hidden traps or mechanisms. This is because she was built as a Puppet Master puppet meaning that her primary function is to control the other puppets while pretending to be Human as she herself is being controlled. How this works is Gorou remains hidden while maintaining an invisible chakra string that is attatched to her feet from below which allows him to flow his chakra through her and into her hands where he creates chakra strings from them which he uses to control the other puppets. In order to completely sell her as Human, he even went as far as to give her a fake chakra system which is able to fool all dojutsu, especially since he flows his chakra through that system. While only flowing chakra from where the string is attached would easily give away the trick, he also has chakra stored at the gut where the chakra of real ninja come from and make it appear as if it is the normal shape and flowing normally. This has fooled countless members of the Uchiha clan he has come across and even the Hyuga he has fought. Although he would have liked to complete the illusion with blood runing through her artificial veins, that proved impossible however, he makes up for this through careful maneuvers that keeps her from getting hit and will often sacrifice other puppets to maintain her illusion. Aimi also carries scrolls of variating numbers to summon "her" puppets. But which she carries is not always the same.

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