Abe no Seimei
Abe no Seimei
Personal Status
Birthdate February 21
Age 1000+ (Decease)
Gender Male
Height 6"0
Weight 234 Ib
Blood Type AB+
Clan Yokai Clan
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Clan Leader
Family Hagorome Gitsune

Abe no Yasuna

Nature Type Yin Release Yin Release
Jutsu Hangon no jutsu


Abe No Seimei (鵺; Literally meaning "Fabulous Night Bird or Chimera") founder of the Gokadoin House. He is the son of Hagorome Gitsune and Abe no Yasuna, and is considered to have been a legendary shinobi during the sages time and sort out peace but his mind would change as nothing he done was good enough.

Abe Vs Hagoromo OhtsutsukiEdit

During the time of the sages defeat Abe no seimei clan had went to see for themselves and with this embarked a terrible fate.


Coming soon.....

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