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Resting in a remote mountain range west of her former home village of Iwagakure at dusk, Brook couldn't help but wonder if anyone was missing her after more than seven months of leaving. She knew they would classify her as a missing ninja until they have evidence to convict her as a rogue then she will be in trouble. Thus, she has kept her head down and not attracted any attention yet, this was not her ideal life though she choose it.

Looking back, Brook wondered if she may have misinterpreted what the elders and Tsuchikage said but she already ran away so worrying about it was not worth it as she well knew.

"Raiko, as our alliance with Konohagakure, we need you to find our missing ninja, Brook, she is very talented, so be careful and don't underestimate her. With your skills, you should be able to detain her. You are dismissed." The Tsuchikage said.

"Aww, I have to find a girl, I wonder how old she is, hehehe, maybe I can make her come back with my good looks. Anyway, I don't like fighting girls that much, I would rather go on dates with them. But I have my orders, and this is a nice paying mission so I will do what I have to do." Raiko says to himself as he leaves Iwagakure

Having rested for several hours, Brook got up and stretched, yawning as she did so. When she was done, Brook started walking around her camp site to wake up then started packing the camp up, heading north. As she moved out, Brook sneezed and remembered the old superstition about a person sneezing when someone is talking about them. Dismissing it, she concentrated on what she was doing however, couldn't help but having the wierd feeling that the hunt for her has just begun.

Raiko then gets to mountain range where he saw fire last night. He gets there and notices that it was just inhabited and he just missed the person that was here by a few hours. So he marks the location with a Flying Thunder God Technique formula just in case the person comes back. And sets off towards the tracks left by the ninja.

Having skipped breakfest, Brook stops at a restuarent near the border to the land of Iron for a bite to eat. The resturant is made of oak, decorated on the outside to look like an old world building. It takes up about sixteen acres, having a medium sized kitchen on the east side, oak podium near the entrance where an host waits and tables sets made of yew. On the north wall, a dual sword pair hangs on the wall and around it paintings of various battle scenes of Shinobi fighting Shinobi and Shinobi fighting Samurai.

The west wall holds painting of various landscapes both current and gone, including the old landscape of where Kohona now stands. The southern wall has pictures of many kinds of summoning beasts and normal animals while the east wall is completely blank. The podium itself was decorated to have the symbols of every nation as to say "We welcome everyone!" while the hostess at the podium wore a sort of casual work uniform.

At the kitchen window, a man in his forties wearing a cook's hat and a similar casual work uniform to the hostess gazes over the restaurant. Brook was greeted with a smile by the hostess and was shown to a table in the middle of the establishment where she looked over the menu.

Raiko then thinks to himself, "Hmmm, she must have not eaten when at her camp because I found no food there, so that means that she either stopped to eat and I just missed her, or she is stopping right now, so I need to hurry." So Raiko proceeds towards a few restaurant that where in the path that the girl was going. He arrives to a spa where they serve food as well and asks them have they seen a girl from Iwagakure. They replied no, this happens for the next 2 restaurants and spa's and then he encounters a Leaf ninja. "Hey, have you seen a Iwagakure Ninja, female?" the ninja replies, "Why yes, I think a saw a girl heading that way towards the Land of Iron boarder." "How long ago?" Raiko asks, "Ummm, about a couple of hours ago." the ninja replies. "Ok thanks" Raiko says to the fellow Leaf ninja. Raiko then takes off towards where the ninja said she was headed.

"Is that all?" The Waitress asked Brook as she finishes writting down the order. Thinking about it for a minute, she told the waitress there is nothing more she would like and that she didn't have time for desert, dismissing her.

As the waitress went to give her order to the kitchen, Brook decided to check for other ninja in the area and guage their strength just to be sure she doesn't get caught unaware using the Chakra Sensing Technique. At first, she didn't sense anything then she she detected a strong chakra source coming her way, making her tense up however, it quickly switched directions and she relaxed, releasing the technique and letting herself become lost in the past.

Switching directions to stop at a nearby tree, Raiko comes up to where he believed the girl to be and he uses the Chakra Sensing Technique and instantly feels the girls chakra coming from inside. He puts his palm on the tree, and goes into the restaurant causally to seem like another costumer. He then goes to a table and calls for the waitress and asks her, "I'm looking for a Iwagakure girl, she should have just walked in, don't point at her, just tell me the table she is at." He tells the lady. She tells him where the table is, and then he walks over towards where she is.

Hearing the footsteps of a stranger and guaging the weight with how much noise comes from every step as well as using her senses, Brook gauged that the stranger is a ninja as well and hid her hands under the table, getting her chakra ready for an attack. Acting casual as she does so she says "So, what brings you to such a place as this? 

I am on a quest to improve my skill as a ninja by training with the Samurai of the Land of Iron who are trained to defeat and even kill us ninja." As she waited for his response, Brook couldn't help but wonder if the Samurai would allow her to stay and train or turn her in but she had no choice, only the nuetral countries have the probability of being safe for her. Though she didn't show it, she worried about being captured and turned in while in the nuetral countries as she would be forced to return to Iwagakure which is not an option.

"Oh well hello." Raiko says to the girl, "Well thats nice that you ar..... Ok look, I'm just going to the chase, Are you Brook, the missing ninja from Iwagakure, if you are then, I just need you to come back with me nice and easily. No harm will be done, and I won't have to fight a pretty young lady like your self." Raiko says in a calm manner.

Brook sighs and says "Your not much of a small talker are you? Well no matter, I can tell you up front that I can't help you, it's too important for me to train for me to divert and help you but beware of Iwagakure, they are not what they seem. Now if you will excuse me, I must eat." she said as the waitress brought her food. She pulled her hands out from under the table and started to eat, keeping her chakra ready for use and thinking to herself that this day won't end well as it is unlikely he will leave her be.

Still eating, she runs a dozen or more possibilities through her head, coming up with a rudementry strategy for escape, everything from deciet to knocking everyone out to even murder.

"Look please don't try to make this hard, I really do not want to fight today, ok. Now eat your food, and nicely come back to your village with me. And we won't have any problems." Raiko says as he takes a drink of water.

While chewing, she put her hands back under the under the pretense of keeping them out of the way while actually forming the Rat, Hare, Snake, Dog and Bird hand signs, imprinting the space time seal on the table's underbelly and finished her food, paid the check and turned back to the stranger and said "I am not going back." Then throw a smoke bomb down and knocked out the employees, escaping through the door and heading towards the Land of Iron. While running, she formed another hand sign and moved eastward several feet, going behind a tree and putting another seal on a tree, then went back to where she diverted from and continued on her path forward.

Right when she threw the smoke bomb, Raiko teleports to the tree that was outside of the restaurant and sees Brook running away from the restaurant, so he goes after her. He catches up to her and gets right into the path she was and says, "I said I didn't want to make this hard, but it seems like you won't go down with out a fight." Raiko says as he stretches getting ready to fight her. He pulls out his sword and says, "Look, you have one more chance, please just come back to the village with me."

The Chase

"Well, I suppose I should -" As she said the last word, she swiped her opponent's feet from under him and immediately regained standing position, taking off running once again. While running, she used the summoning technique to summon three Gigantos Ants, mounting the right one and heads north east while the middle heads straight north and the left one heads north west. Brook smiled, these footprints may be easy to see but it is hard to tell which one she is riding on. Several feet away from the where she summoned them, Brook hid her chakra and took up into the trees, silently moving from one to the other while hiding behind brush while her former mount kept going.

When she swept Raiko, Raiko taps her on her butt with his hand and then falls to the ground. "Oops, heheheh" He says smiling scratching his head with an embarrassed look on his face.

While Raiko recovered from his fall, Brook kept on her journey to the Land of Iron, crossing the border within several minutes and heading to the palace of the country's leader, hoping to get asylum to train. While she couldn't sense his pursuit, she was still wary of him, know it was more than likely he was pursuing her and stopping, she placed yet another seal on a tree trunk then continued on her way.

Then out of no where, while Brook was still walking along, Raiko teleports to her instantly and grabs the back of her shirt, then he brings Brook to his face and says, "Look, why make this difficult?"

Smiling, she attacked with a percist and powerful blow to the hands, forcing him to let go or risk losing his hands then formed the release handsign and said "Release!" disappearing in a puff of smoke and reappered under the table she marked, bumbing her and silently cursed, coming out from under and leaving the restaurant, heading west with the cocky though of "He will never find me now, I just got to use that jutsu and I can disappear where he can't find me and reappear where I want to be." Although she admitted to herself that takes up quite a bit of chakra which is why she didn't do it initially.

"Owwwwwwwwwww, she is a fierce girl, well looks like I have to go and get her again." Again, Raiko teleports to her and grabs her shoulder which stops her and says, "Just, Stop! Its no use in running, I've marked you with my formula back when you swept me. And please don't call me a pervert because of where I touched you, I didn't mean to,.... well not intentionally, but just please come back to the village."

Annoyed, she simply said "I will never go back, they don't deserve my power." Then she ducks down, ripping the uniform where he grabbed her and moved out of the way of him, taking her pants off, revealing her green panties and cursing as she did so, throwing them at her pursuer's face and used the release handsign again to teliport back at the last mark she created.

Sighing, she summoned an Ant Hill of the Gigantos Ants and told an Ant that came out to go fetch her spare set of clothes as she followed the Ant inside, letting the hill disappear behind her.

"(Huff)" Raiko takes the pants from his face and keeps them, then he summons a ninja hound and makes it sniff Brooks's pants. The hound then runs off to where the scent of Brook was, and Raiko follows. The hound then says, "She is about 5 miles from here, I think she stopped to get some new cloths." Then the move fast to her position gaining 3 miles in 5 minutes.

Putting on a new set of clothes, she grumbled to herself about how crappy of a situation she is in then disappeared into a room they set aside for her. The room was nothing special, it was square, made of dirt and filled with an oak dresser, Oak bed and Oak supply chest. The sheet is green and blanket is black while the pillows are white and infused with chakra to keep it as she likes it.

Brook layed down on the top of her blanket and looked up at the cealing, remaining completely still minus breathing movements, regaining her chakra while considering how to get to her destination and gaining asylum without being dragged back to the village. This went on for about forty five minutes then she got up and told the queen she is leaving, saying goodbye to her friends she met on the way in and appeared four miles to the north west of where she disappeared from.

"She just shifted positions, about a mile to the west." The hound says. Raiko then says, "I wonder what she meant by she doesn't want them to get her power." They then proceed to Brook's location.

Brook took out a notepad she took from her room and quickly left a note on it, ripping it out of the notepad and pinning it to a nearby tree with a kunai then continued on her way, hiding her chakra as she moves. Considering her next move, Brook remembered that the Gigantos Ants she summoned as false trails was recalled to the colony and thought to herself "that may not even work against this opponent so I better use another method of evasion, this time I won't be so easy to grab."

Raiko and his hound stop at a tree where a piece of paper is stuck to a tree by a kunai. Raiko takes the kunai out of the tree and grabs the note and it reads, "The village doesn't care about me, they want to use my DNA to strength their other Shinobi to my level with Yin-Yang Release and possible using my DNA to increase their chakra levels." Raiko then says, "I see why they want her so bad, well I still have to carrier out my mission." He give the note to the hound to sniff out, then they go to where her sent is.

Smiling, Brook stopped and jumped from her branch onto the ground, using the summoning jutsu to summon a Gigantos Drone Ant, jumping on it's back and using the Chakra Imitation Technique to take on the drone's persona then dismissed it and used her new wings to take to the sky, too high for anyone to make out what exactly she is if they saw her from below. Confident about her escape, she kept going to her destination thought to herself "Now that my scent and chakra signature is gone, it's impossible for him to track me." She had the after though of if she had to, she would stand and fight, showing them why she has yet to be captured.

"The scent just vanished." The hound says "What??" Raiko says. "She is really good. Well I guess we just have to start from square 1." Raiko then thinks to himself, "Ok, she seems to be going to the land of Iron, but what for? Maybe I should go to the leader of the land of iron and ask him for some assistance." Raiko dismisses his Hound and heads off to the land of iron's leader.

In the distance, Brook saw a village and headed towards an area close but away from there to transform back into herself, taking off her headband and hiding it in the woods where she landed, thinking to herself that if her pursuer can track by scent or chakra, it won't matter that she hid her handband. Regardless, she proceeded to the village, keeeping a low profile and keeping a look out for both Samuai and her pursuer while stopping once to ask directions to the country's leader. Remembering that her opponent is likely a sensory type, she hid her chakra once more bought some local goods to disguise herself as a local, masking her scent and features.

Raiko stops in a village to see if they have seen Brook. After 3 hours of no goes, he stays in a hotel in the village to get rest and continue the search for her tomorrow.

Once dusk hit, Brook made camp away from the village, hunting a little to prevent use of her food rations but enough to fill her belly, fetching water from a nearby river by breaking the ice soon after. After having drunk her full, she went to sleep but not before summoning a few Gigantos Ants as watchdogs then she fell asleep wondering if her persuer, whoeever he is is still after her.

When dawn came, Raiko went to a restaurant for breakfast, he ate and then headed off to find the girl. So he summons his hound again. "Why did you summon me, and I was eating my breakfast?" "Well I needed you so I had to summon you." Raiko says. "Let me guess, you need me to find the girl huh?" The hound asks. "Ok, let me see some thing with her scent on it." The hound says. Raiko pulls out the pants she threw on him earlier. "Ummm, Raiko.... why do you still have her pants? Please don't tell me your turning into a pervert?" The hound says. At that time, Raiko had a large vain popping out of his head as if his head was going to explode. Raiko then says, "Well, I have them because Iwagakure isn't dumb, if they don't trust me, they will probably also send some of their best ninja hounds to track down her scent, so if I left these pants just lying around anywhere, it would be bad for her." "Yeah, what every you say pervert." The hound says. Raiko then starts screaming at the hound while they go off to where her scent is.

While Raiko was eating breakfast, Brook had already eaten, packed camp up and headed out, dismissed her guards and placed another seal at the camp site. Brook couldn't help but be cocky that she got away and wouldn't be seeing her persuer again, making her be more reckless than normal, leaving easily followed trails and scents.

"Well, she must of either been in a hurry, or she just was being cocky leaving a easy trail like this to follow." Raiko says. "Well, with this trail and her scent, we can catch her in about 10 to 15 minutes." The hound says. They then speed up to catch Brook.

Having gotten herself lost, Brook rested a moment on a tall tree, trying to remember what the villager told her but she was drawing a blank, frusterating her. Sighing, she calmed down and concentrated on remembering not only what she was told but the path she has taken since leaving the village to get an approximent location of her destination. This took about eight minutes then she took off again, doubt running through her mind, doubt that she will ever get to her destination, doubt she will get asylum and doubt that she will be able to train as she wishes.

"She is about 300 meters straight ahead." The hound says. "Ok" then Raiko pulls out his sword and throws it, the sword goes about 100 meters and he teleports to it, the he shoots a Transport Tracking Barrier about another 150 meters and then teleports to the tracking barrier. Now Brook is in sight and hearing range so he screams, "Hey, Wait, Brook, I need to ask you something, please just stop!!"

Brook stopped and turned around, saying "Fine but keep you're distance, I don't trust you! She glared at him in annoyance, ready to strike or flee at a moment's notice. Brook wondered to herself if her cockyness has let him track her so easily or if he is more skilled than she originally believed, either way she knew that he was not someone to understimate but she saw no harm in letting him speak.

"I got the note you put on that tree earlier, so I made a decision to go out with my mission. My personal mission is to save as many people from the wicked hardships of this ninja world, to do the right thing in what I believe in, and what other people want. That is my mission for my life, and I also want someone to travel with, to guide so they can also do the right thing. Would you like to travel with me Brook?"

This took Brook by surprise and as quickly as it came, it was replaced by suspicion. She stared at him for several moments before responding. "Even if I agree, you must return to the village eventually to report the status of your mission and if you don't return with me then it will be failed, that won't look good for you or your village and anyways, how do I know your telling the truth and not trying to trick me? I have lived in a world of deciet since birth and will not be taken for a fool." She said, raising her voice in anger as she started the last sentence which stayed for the length of the last sentance.

"Look if you don't trust me then don't, I can understand, and for the mission, who cares, I have failed plenty of missions, and so has the Leaf and all other nations, I'm sure that this one mission wouldn't harm any me or the Leaf. But if you do come with me I have an idea to fake out Iwagakure. So we can discuss the plan at a camp or if you still don't trust me then we can discuss it from right here."

She hesitated to respond, not sure what to say or think but after several minutes of considering his words she said "meet me back at my last camp site, you know where that is so there shouldn't be a problem for you then we can discuss your plan but no summoning beast must accompany you into the camp, I will not have any myself and prefer not to use them most of the time anyways." With that she formed the release hand sign and said "Release!", disappearing into a puff of smoke.

The Plan

They both return to Brook's camp where they discuss the plan. "Ok now for my plan, we will fake your death, I will go back to Iwagakure and say that you killed yourself while fighting me in a plot for your village not being able to take your power. So in order to do that we need to fight so I can prove it to them. Now for your body, I will put a barrier around you where no one can sense anything from you. And we just say that you used a technique that the Anbu use to dispose of their body when they know that they are going to die. Ok? So what is it that they want with your power?" Raiko asks

Sighing she said "I was born to a family with the Magnet Release Kekkai Genkai but I didn't inherit it as the village thought I would, I also can't use any of the five basic elements and I struggle with Yin Release and Yang Release however, I am exceptionally powerful with Yin-Yang Release for some reason, more so than anyone in recorded history besides users of the Rinnegan and because of that they kept me around, hoping to use my DNA to figure out how to replicate my strength with Yin-Yang Release and put it in as many of their Shinobi as possible however, it is not unlikely that they wish to give more of their shinobi Magnet Release as it is such a formiddable Kekkai Genkai."

Brook didn't speak again for about a minute then said "Anyways, it is well known I can't use the technique black ops does to dispose of their body when they are dying and they will be suspicious of you if you say that."

"It won't be suspicious because once I put that barrier around you then they can'y sense anything. They might bring a ninja hound in to sniff out you scent, but when the hound isn't able to smell it then they will believe me. But as I said earlier we have to fight, because they will most likely want to go to the battlefield as well so, this plan should work. We will fight in the morning in that open plain 500 meters from here. Oh an by the way here are your pants, I didn't know how you wanted to dispose of them and I didn't want Iwagakure to track you so here." Raiko says.

"No need to place a barrier around me, I know how to completely disappear both scent and chakra signature, I have done it several times to elude search times so I'll just use that technique again and hide somewhere I know they can't follow me then they will be pursued however, they will likely detain you there until they can confirm your report's accuracy. In order for them to really believe the battle was real, we need to really beat the battlefield up."

"Yeah we do, and they won't detain me, because they know its know use to even try. But anyway, we need to go out and hunt for food. And when we fight, don't hold back ok." Raiko says smiling

The next morning Brook got up as the sun was rising and stretched for six minutes then she sat down and had breakfast, making sure to leave some for Raiko then went througher her stuff and got some clothes out of her bag, putting up a barrier to prevent being snuke up on by enemies or see what is inside the barrier however, she doesn't consider Raiko an enemy though a person to be careful around and thus he can get through easily.

Raiko wakes up and notices the breakfast but doesn't see Brook. So he gets up and walks around to see Brook changing cloths in a barrier, the both are facing each other. "Ahhhhhhh, Brook, can you do something so I can't see all your stuff?" At this time, Raiko is blushing in embarrassment.

Instead of being embarrassed, her face gets red with anger strengthens the barrier to not be see through to even him and finishes dressing, getting rid of the barrier and jumped at Raiko, punching him in the jaw and sending him flying several feet into a tree then she screamed at him "That is what you get for being a pervert!" Brook headed back to camp shortly after and started packing the camp, grumbling to herself.

"(Grunts) Owwwwwww!!!" He then emerges from the trees with a large mark on his face that was throbbing. Raiko gets back to the camp and sits down to eat his breakfast. Brook, still red with anger looked at Raiko with a look on her face that made Raiko tremble. "Umm Brook, sorry I accidentally looked at you while you were undressing. Oww!" He says as he takes a bite very slowly. "And by the way I need to put a Flying Thunder God Technique formula somewhere on you. Well if you will let me." Raiko says.

Stopping what she is doing, Brook does a series of handsigns and holding the last one she tells him to take his shirt of so she can place a seal on him so him. She continued to grumble as she waited for him.

Raiko takes his shirt off, and the he asks, "Umm, not to sound pervertish, but I need to put my formula on you back. I dont want to do it on any of your limbs because they could get cut off, and then I won't be able to teleport directly to you." Raiko says as Brook puts the seal on him. "By the way how old are you?"

Still grumbling, Brook turn her back to him and took her shirt off, revealing her bra and said "14 you pervert now get on with it before I decide to hit you again!"

"14, ehh, this will be tough. Anyway could you please stop calling me a pervert, I didn't mean to do some of the things that happened between me and you." Raiko puts the Formula on her back and she pulls her shirt down. "Well are you ready to go and set up the plot?" Raiko asks.

Brook went over and grabbed her stuff and took a quick bite over some of the leftovers to help regain the chakra she used since she woke then turn to Raiko and said "After you!"

The Plan Goes into Action

The two get to the battle field standing about 10 feet from each other. The battlefield was an open plain with a few large rocks, there were also a few tree, but not that big, the battlefield was about 15 acres of land. Raiko then says, "So are you ready? and don't forget to not hold back. We really need to make a scene here. Now once we do this, I need you to go some place and then when I report to the Tsuchikage, I will teleport to you, and then we will travel. After the fight I will give you my travel rules." "Ok?" Raiko says smiling

She simply smiled and said "You better fight with the intent to kill or you will not survive, I can guarantee that and anyways, you don't have to worry about me not giving my all, I have had the desire to trash you since we met." Still smiling, she gave Raiko a concentrative stare and said "By the way, I never got your name."

"Desired to trash me huh??, man this girl is going to be difficult." Raiko says with a looming look on his face. "Oh my name is Raiko." Raiko then takes out his sword and does a few spinning tricks and gets ready for an attack.

She then used the release handsign and said "Release!" disappearing in a puff of smoke and appearing soundlessly behind Raiko at near point blank range and kicked him in the back, jumping back several feet the second he started to fly.

As soon as she kicked him he teleported behind her while she jumped back and kicked her in the upper back sending her flying. He then says, "How about we not use the seals we put on each other at the camp, because in that case, it will just be a teleportation battle and it won't cause a scene. And I would also probably win the teleportation battle as well, hehe." Raiko smiles and gives a thumbs up leaving his guard down.

Brook landed on her feet several meters aay from Raiko and said  "No you wouldn't, I have way more chakra than you do but you're right, this wouldn't make a big enough mess so let's kick it up a notch." With that, she charged at Raiko at top speed.

Raiko then points his finger shooting multiple Transport Tracking Barriers, teleporting in between the to trying to throw Brook off. Then when he gets to his last one which is about 6 feet away from Brook, he jumps in the air and gets ready to strike brood with an ax kick from 20 feet in the air.

Having spotted her opponent's shadow, Brook quickly drew her sword and stuck it into the ground, holding onto it to stay in place and turning to face her opponent in the sky, throwing a string of shuriken then using the sword to launch herself off the ground and at her opponent feet first for a double kick, imbeung chakra into her legs for a more potent strike.

Raiko sees the shuriken, so he swings he legs around and pulls out his sword to block the shuriken. Then as he looks away to put his sword back on his side, he turns back to see Brook coming at him. So he puts his guard up to block her.

While Raiko managed to block her attack and soften the blow, the blow was strong enough to put bruises on him due to the power the double kick has and knock him into a tree behind him while Brook continued her kick to his position, keeping chakra in his feet and legs for another blow.

Raiko recovers from the kick before he hits the tree. He squats on the trunk of the tree and put his palm on the tree as he looks towards Brook, who is coming at him with another attack. Raiko cuts the tree and gets behind it, then he kick it towards Brook.

Brook say the tree coming at her but unable to dodge, she quickly assessed her options and made a conclusion on what she needed to do, pouring more chakra to her feet and legs, breaking through the tree's trunk however, the force created wood splineters, many of which got lodged in her legs and some in her face, mostly her cheecks.

The moment she got through, she turned around in mid air and held onto the trunk, using all her strength to create enough force to launch herself back to the ground.

Raiko then runs towards Brook with his sword drawn, he throws a string of Kunai and a few paper bombs towards her. He then stops when he is about 10 feet from her and uses Wind Release to make the shuriken move faster.

Knowing that she can't dodge or block them all, she merely smiles at Raiko and mouths "bye" as the kunai hit her, making her disappear in a puff of smoke, appearing at another part of the battlefield she placed a seal at before the battle began meanwhile, the kunai that hit her was bounced back and ran into the paper bombs, making them explode and damaging all the Kunai. While having a moment of privacy, Brook sat down and sat completely still, gathering natural energy until she entered Sage Mode.

"Where did she go, I'm not going to use the formula I put on her earlier. She might be changing, and then I get hit with another punch." Raiko says hysterically. So he also charges up chakra to prepare for Brook.

Now in Sage Mode, Brook got up and took out the splinters embedded in her flesh and emerged into the clearing she was just fighting at, facing her opponent with a smile while remaning completely still to stay to take in natural energy until attacked or attacking. Brook couldn't help but be amused that he forced her into using Sage Mode however, she doubted that she needed to even use a technique, ready to use Taijutsu alone to devestate her opponent.

"Something seems different about her, I can't take any chances." Raiko says to himself. He then uses Mole Barrier for precaution. He then runs up to her with his sword drawn ready to fight.

Brook likewise charged at him with her enchanced speed and agility, going in for a punch to the gut while preparing to move at the last moment. She also focused chakra to her fist to make the punch that much more effective but while charging at Raiko, she had the thought that she may be going too far but then she discarded that thought, allowing her to proceed and enjoy herself.

"Seems like her speed has increased, don't wanna take chances with that punch." Raiko says to himself. Raiko keeps charging, then when he gets about 3 feet from her, he stabs his sword in the ground and vaults over Brook. Then he as he vaults he spins in mid air to try and hit Brook with a kick to the back of the head.

Spinning around suddenly, Brook grabs his foot with one hand and hurling him several feet back in the direction he originally attacked from. She allowed herself a brief laugh then charged at Raiko.

He then grabs his sword to stop himself from going any further, then he says to himself, "Lets see how she can react to this." He then infuses his feet with chakra to enhance his speed and goes running towards Brook. Then he shoots about 3 Transport Tracking Barriers at Brook. He shoots them in a certain manner, 1 to the lower part of her body, then another to the mid, and the last to the top. Then teleports to the one at the bottom and goes for a sweep on Brook.

Seeing what he was up to and overconfident, she decided to toy with him, feinting trying to block while letting herself get sweept of her feet and landing hard on her back. pretending to groan in pain then suddenly stopping, smiling at the sky for a minute before breaking out laughing and getting up, seconds later and standing straight and completely still, facing her opponent.

There was virtually no wounds on her and she didn't appear tired at the least, holding a cocky grin on her face as if daring her opponent to do something about it.

"I think we need to do something about that cockiness." Raiko says very seriously standing behind her with a his hand on her back, "I can tell something has changed about you, especially your eyes, anybody would of see my Transport Tracking Barrier, but you didn't and you let it hit you right before I swept you. We need to step it up more, so I need you so try and escape this." He then uses Palm Barrier and gets ready to trap her in his barrier.

Still with her cocky smile on her face, she used the Ram, Bird, Ox and Monkey handsigns in that order, holding the last one and remaining completely still until the barrier is around her. As she waits, her thoughts turned to mocking him silently, thinking of herself as superior as there is nothing he can do to stop her.

Raiko then puts Brook in the Palm Barrier and then teleports to the tree he cut earlier. "Ok, I see that we really need to get this going. Im going to do something to where It will really mess up this battlefield." He then uses Four Ton Barrier: Stage 1 and makes it to the size of the battlefield. Then he teleports back to Brook and says, "Now we can't get out, and nothing can get in. Well I can get out."

Allowing herself a breif laugh, she used the Sage Art: Total Gigantos Transformation to transform into a worker Anrt, breaking free of the Palm barrier and Sage Art: Acidic Strike, aiming for a punch to his stomach, believing her superior speed and agility would prevent him from dodging or blocking.

Raiko could sense the punch coming with his Mole Barrier, so he jumps back a little, but still gets hit a little. The punch then hits the ground creating a relatively large crater. "Thats what I'm taking about, we need to do more things like this." Raiko then weaves the following hand signs: Snake → Horse → Rat → Ram and gets ready for the next attack.

Keeping her hand where it was, she remained still for the most part for several moments then suddenly pulled her hand out of the crater and attacked with a side swing, focusing the acid generated from the Sage Art: Acidic Strike technique to throughout her arm for a higher chance of doing damage.

Then Raiko uses Space-Time Warp Barrier and a void opens up from his palm large enough for the swing, and another opens up behind Brook above her head. As the swing comes in, it literally comes out through the other void and is about to hit her in the head.

Sensing her arm coming out of a void behind her, Brook quickly took out her bag a paper bomb and detonated, it, sending her sky high and freeing her of the endless loop the two voids created. Because of being in Sage Mode, she sustained damage but it healed nearly instantly the wings of the worker ant emerges and she flies around the battlefield, shooting out acid from her mouth in an attempt to hit Raiko.

Raiko ducks and dodges, noticing the holes in the ground from the acid. "I don't need to let that hit me." Raiko says to himself. Raiko then sets up his Solid Self-Repairing Barrier around himself to block some of the acid if it hits. Then Raiko makes a void open up in front of him and then another behind Brook, then he uses Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves, followed by Wind Release: Pressure Damage . He shoots the wind techniques through out the void in front of him to try and hit Brook at least once, they then go through the void behind Brook, getting read to hit her.

Being in Sage Mode, she could sense the disruption of the natural energy created by her opponents techniques and was able to quickly dodge them by increasing her altitude, close to the top of the barrier then came down for a nose dive straight at Raiko, thinking to herself how fun this battle turned out to be and she never even wanted it.

"This will take up a lot of chakra, but it will take her out of that form." Raiko says to himself, he shoots a Transport Tracking Barrier about 10 feet away from him and lets it hit the ground. Raiko holds is sword out and makes another Space-Time Warp Barrier as soon as Brook was feet away from him. The void opens up but this time the void opens up bigger than Brook, then he opens another one up where he shot his tracking barrier just a few moments ago. The momentum from Brooks nosedive would be to fast for her to stop or go back to human form even while in the void. She would nose dive straight into the ground where the other void is, which would cause a lot of damage to her, and would probably make her go out of the ant form, or even knock her out.

As it happened, Brook sensed what Raiko was doing through the disruption of the natural energy on the battlefield, learning about what he was planning however, she knew that there was no way of stopping or turning in time, frusterating her however, an idea came to mind and through you can't see it because of her transformation, Brook smiled for the first time since transforming.

As she got close to the void, brook used her form's natural talents enhanced through chakra flow to mouth and pinchers, using them to dig a hole the moment she came out of the second void and disappearing under the ground for a sneak attack. Brook knew she was close to Sage Mode's limit so she became completely still, gathering natural energy while simultaneously keeping an eye on what her opponent is up to.

Though she would never admit it openly, Brook was extremely impressed with his skill and power however, she was equally annoyed at how difficult the battle had become. While her body didn't move a muscle, her brain was going overtime trying to figure out her next move and how to adapt her strategy to win the battle.

Raiko saw her use her pinchers to chomp at the ground at the last moment, but he knows that she is still hurt because even with that first chomp that made a hole in the ground before impact, that 1 chomp was all she had. "But he knew that what ever that mode is prevented her from taking that much damage." he thought to him self as he notices her body not there. "I have a hunch, but this hunch is probably my last chance." Raiko the waits for an attack.

Having spent the next several minutes since burrowing gathering natural energy, she was all set as the time she used up was replenished however, since Sage Mode uses her normal chakra as well, Brook was unsure how much longer she can hold out however, Brook knew she could still rely on Taijutsu since it doesn't necessarally require chakra but using it right after Sage Mode even she had to admit is a big stretch.

Seeing no other option, she expanded the area she was in until it was about eight feet in height without breaking to the surface and twelve feet wide, resting for a few moments before ending the transformation and using the summoning technique to summon the Gigantos' Ant mound which broke to the surface.

"Ok, screw that hunch, I will have to use this." Raiko the goes over to one of the wall of the Four Ton Barrier: Stage 1 and says, "Well Brook, I think we can call this battle a tie." Raiko says smiling, with the last bit of chakra, he presses up on the barrier and says, "Four Ton Barrier: Stage 2" The barrier then starts to absorb chakra from Raiko and what ever else had chakra.

As he said that, Gigantos Ants of different sizes came out of the top, and spotting Raiko, charged at him while silently communicating with each other through pheremon release, passing the message back into the Ant mound of their chakra being drained the second they start to come out of the hill.

Still underground, Brook was about to lose Sage Mode as she no longer could be still long enough to gather natural energy and even if she could, her normal chakra would soon be depleted which would make Sage Mode impossible anyways. Although not tired phsyically because of Sage Mode, she was mentally tired and close to falling asleep to rest her mind however, when she was on the verge of falling asleep, a worker Ant came out of the side of the mound and used chakra flow to replinish a little of her chakra, just enough to teleport off the battlefield.

"Well I guess I will leave." Using the last bit of his chakra, he makes the barrier go away, and the sits on the ground. "Hey Brook, can you make these ants go away please, (Thump)." Raiko then falls to the ground from exhaustion.

Just barley managing to do the hand sign, Brook said "Release" and teleported to behind Raiko then used the release hand sign again and just as she was about to lose Sage Mode, did her final technique, Sage Art: Sensory Misdirection to most accurately tell the Gigantos that the battle was over and to form a perimiter around them and stand guard then she fell asleep, her feet right above Raiko's head.

"Ohhhh, what happened." Raiko says as he skims the battlefield. "Don't push to hard, you just came out of recovery." A girls voice says. "Hu,...." Raiko looks in the direction of the voice and sees his friend Kiriko. "Kiriko, how?, when?..... wait where is Brook." Raiko says as he looks around frantically. "Over there in my flower." Kiriko says. "Oh ok, how is she?" Raiko asks. "She is ok at the moment, just fatigued and sleepy from this battle." Kiriko responds. "How did you get here?" Raiko asked. "Umm, I may of put a leaf of mine with my chakra in it in your jacket and followed you." Kiriko says in response, blushing.

The plant then opens up and retracts back to the ground but stops at the flower part so Brook would have a cushion when she woke up. "She should be getting up." Kiriko says.

Right on cue, Brook woke up and sat up, stretching as she yawned. Noticing she was no longer where she was, Brook look around to find Raiko and quickly spotting him but noticed Kiriko at the same time. Surpried, Brook got to her feet and said "Who are you and how did you get past the Gigantos Ants I had stationed around us as guards?" Although she was a bit groggy from just having woken up, Brook was still able to focus and think at her normal level due to sheer willpower.

Brook didn't trust this newcomer and eyed her suspiciously, blinking sparsely to prevent her from missing the newcomer's moves as she believed that Kiriko would attack or something but didn't do anything provocive, waiting for her to make the firt move.

"Brook, calm down, she is a good friend of mine and the one who healed you." Raiko says. "Hello I'm Kiriko, and your ants I just put them to sleep, they should be up by know." Kiriko says. "So Kiriko, I know you didn't follow me just to make sure I was ok, what is it?" Raiko says. "Oh umm... I was wondering if I could travel with you, the Hokage said it was ok, so can I?" Kiriko says in a very nice non-rejecting tone. "Oh sure" Raiko says without even talking to Brook about it."

Annoyed, Brook crossed her arms and said "Even if she did heal us, I don't trust her." while still staring at Kiriko then at Kirikio directly she said "Wake the Ants up, I'll dismiss them but watch your step, I can summon them and many more quickly and without using too much chakra." 

The moment she said that, she turned around so Kiriko wouldn't see and entered Sage mode, remaining still until she was sure they were awake.

"She's friendly Brook, look if she wanted to kill you she could of done it by now, and besides, you two have something very common with each other." Raiko says. "Sorry if I caused you any suspicion about me Brook, I will leave if I cause you too much suspicion for you not to trust me." Kiriko says. "No your staying, we need a medic to travel with us." Raiko says. Raiko then walks up to Kiriko and puts a barrier around her and says, "Kiriko, please don't take this the wrong way, but if your going to travel with us, me and brook need to put our teleportation formula on you." Raiko says. "Sure." Kiriko replies

Kiriko turns around and lifts up her shirt a little, since her shirt comes to her stomach. Raiko puts his formula on her back and says "There." At this moment, Kiriko looks like she is about to faint because of how Raiko is touching her, and her huge crush on him. "Now Brook you do it, then after you do, I will go ahead and go to the Tsuchikage, so therefor you two need to find a hiding spot." Raiko says.

Brook gave a "Hmph" then turned around and started walking to Kiriko while doing the handsigns for the Clone Release Imitation Technique and finished just as she got behind Kiriko. With the land handsign done, she placed her hand on Kiriko's back, putting her seal on Kiriko then she went to the nearest tree and jumped up to one of the higher branches while still in Sage Mode, sitting down criss cross and closed her eyes, doing the hand signs for Sage Art: Sensory Misdirection, staying still otherwise.

Once the technique was completed, Brook said to Kiriko "Wake up the Gigantos Ants, we need to send them home soon or all hell will break lose and I talk from experience. She gives a sigh then remains completely still while still releasing pheremones with the task of communication with the Gigantos Ants when they wake up.

Kiriko weaves a hand sign and says, "Release!" waking up the ants. Then Raiko says, "Ok, well I'm off." Raiko teleports to the Tsuchikage who is in Iwagakure and Raiko reports. "Well, I encountered the girl Brook, and I chased her for about a day, then I caught her in a plain where she stood and fought. She went into this mode of her's and then our battle lasted for about 10 minutes. I almost had her, then right when I was about to capture her, she killed herself by letting her ants eat her. I was not able to retrieve any part of her body." Raiko reports

"Well let me see the battlefield." The Tsuchikage says. Raiko teleports him to the battlefield and the Tsuchikage sees the battlefield in complete ruin. "Well I guess you are telling the truth, is that the hole where she died?" The Kage says. "Yes" Raiko replies. "Well, at least she died a horrible death that bitch." The Kage says, "Take me back to Iwagakure." Raiko takes him back and then the Kage gives him his failing comments and then Raiko teleports back to Kiriko and Brook. "Well, that went ok." Raiko says. "Are you all ready to go?" He asks.

Coming down from a high tree branch, Brook said "I have erased my scent and masked my chakra signature so we shouldn't have anyone coming for me so yes, we are ready but we must becareful, if it becomes known that I am alive and your traveling with me, it will put you both in danger." Brook still deosn't trust Kiriko however, she knew there was no other choice but to tolerate her.

"Well, we should get going now, as we don't really have a destination set, I guess we just go wherever fate takes us but we should becareful and advoid certain villges like the rain village.

"Yeah, but they will take you off the little hunt list and then over time, they will forget you. Well until that time comes." Raiko teleports in between Kiriko and Brook, and puts his arm around the 2 saying, "Until that time comes, we will be best friends and traveling buddies, and partners." Raiko says squeezing the 2 harder and smiling.


The three leave and head towards where fate took them, that being a restaurant and spa 2 days later.

"Hehe, I get to look at Kiriko and other women while they has nothing on, oh this is great. Oh, I hope Brook isn't in sight." Raiko says as he walks up to the wall of his spa. He cuts a small hole in the wall and starts to look. "Ohh, look at all those women, oh come on get out of the water and come closer to the wall. Hehe." Raiko whispers being a pervert.

Brook, covered in towels got in front of the hole and punched the spot with the hole, sending Raiko flying backwards and damaging his eye, causing a panic in both baths the moment she hit the fence. Sighing with annoyance, Brook waited a couple minutes until he stops flying and then said "If you don't stop, I'll be forced to use one of my techniques on you and that goes for the rest of you men too." Then she sat on the edge and waited to see what happens next.

"Yeah...Ok" All the men say. "That... Hurt Brook." Raiko says. Then after the spa, they go into the restaurant to get something to eat. "Brook, why did you hit me that hard, and how did you know I was there." Raiko says with a huge lump under his eye.

She laughed and said "I noticed a hole when I was about to get into the water, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what is going on and I would have hit you harder if you were peeking at me." Then Brook smiled, thinking to herself how amusing traveling with a foolish pervert may be though she had to admit she must becareful. She took a bite of her food and got lost in thought, thinking about what she should do next.

"Hey, well would you look at there, you finally smiled and its not a cocky one. So what are you smiling about, is it a boy?" Raiko says to Brook smiling. "Is it him over there?" Raiko says as her points at a boy that looked to be Brook's age. Kiriko smiles and laughs at the humor between Raiko and Brook. "I'm going to go tell him to come over here so he can take you on a date." Raiko says as he gets up out of his seat to try and get the boy. "Umm Raiko.... I don't think she is smiling at that boy." Kiriko says chuckling.

Brook laughed again and said "You obviously don't know the first thing about dating, which means you trying to set me up with someone would end in disaster, mostly for you though I won't disclose how, it's more fun letting you try to figure it out." then a huge grin broke out on her face and then turned to face him and said "Besides, how do you know I like boys anyways?" as she said the last bit, she turned to Kiriko and and smiled but though unknown to either of them, she was joking and is not really the type to date anymore anyways.

"Ahhhhhh, so you like girls???" Raiko says pointing and screaming at Brook with his eyes widen, but luckily no one really heard. Kiriko blushes a cracks a small smile, and says to Brook,"Oh you wouldn't want me, I perfer men." Then a indentation goes off in Raiko's head. "So that means you wouldn't mind going out with a girl either Kiriko." "No thats not what I meant, its just that I don't mind going out with a girl, just I like boys better." Kiriko states. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Under that pretty face your really a freak, and like girls." Raiko says also pointing at Kiriko with his eyes widen. Kiriko smiles and blushes.

Then the waitress comes to their table with a order of pork strips. Raiko sits back at the table still in a humorous mood after what just happened "That will be 50 ryo." She says as she extends her hand out for money. "Umm, hey Brook, we are friends right, so how about you take the bill ehh?" Raiko says smiling scratching his head.

Brook laughed again and took 50 ryo from her bag and gave it to the waitress then when she was gone Brook leaned over to Kiriko and asked in a whisper "You like Raiko don't you?" Regardless of her answer, Brook was confident that she does and couldn't help think about how amusing traveling with them will be since they don't know very much about her and because of that, it would be easy to continue messing with them however, she knew that if Kiriko's crush on Raiko becomes a problem, then things could easily go down hill for her.

"Uhhh.... How did you know?" Kiriko says. Kiriko blushes and whispers back, "Yes I do, I've had one on him ever since I first met him, I'm just scared he may not like me." As soon as Kiriko says that they hear a burp coming from Raiko, the sound of him eating half of the pork strips. "Ahhhh, well that was good. Oh sorry, you two were talking so I thought I would just eat my half, since I'm a man, I need to eat more than women. So half was the rightful share for me." Raiko the gets a toothpick and sticks it in his mouth, leans back and burps again.

Anger immediately became present on Brook's face and she leaned towards him and smiled a fake smile which was immediately replaced by a mischievous smile then without any time for him or anyone to act, her right fist was balled up and came down hard on the top of his head in a vertical fashion, knocking him down onto his seat.

As pain washed over his face, Brook smiled and said to him "Just because we are women, doesn't mean mean you deserve more than us, if it wasn't for Kiriko here you might not even be alive now and if it wasn't for me, you sure wouldn't be and you know it so grow up!" Around them, the men looked at them in astonishment while the women simply smiled or nodded.

"Owwww, stop hitting me, and you mad the toothpick stick to the roof of my mouth." Raiko says as he pulls the toothpick out of his mouth. "It would be nice if you would buy us some more pork strips Raiko, and your treat." Kiriko says with a very sinister look on her face. "Ah Kiriko why are you looking at me like that?" Raiko says scratching is head. "I don't play with my food, I like an equal share, and if you don't by me and Brook each a full plate of pork strips in the next five seconds, you will be picking up pieces of your nice luscious hair from the ground, maybe even pieces of your scalp." Kiriko says as she twists her head to the side with smile on her face, and leaves floating in the air spinning. "Uhhh, o.....k..a..y." Raiko says as sweat from fear roll down his face.

Raiko buys them their plate of pork strips which cost about 80 ryo. "Thank you Raiko." Kiriko says with a nice smile as she digs in.

Returning to a normal sitting position, she dug into her meal and thought to herself "So, Kiriko has some spunk after all, that is good to know but it seems to need to be coaxed out which could be a problem in the future but I got to give her props for making Raiko buy us food. Still, I could tell from the beginning she liked Raiko but when she said she wouldn't mind going out with a girl, that caught me by surprise, not many girls do and few would openly admit it....Yes, this should be an interesting journey with my new allies."

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