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Karura had just finished another D ranked mission and retired to her room after turning it in, getting the small fee for her services however, she was not happy with doing D ranked missions all the time, shes 15 and has never gone on a C ranked mission, still a Genin and she feared that she would always be so as long as she was the Jinchuriki of Shukaku.

She fell asleep trying to figure out some way of convincering her father and the elders as well as the reigning Kazekage to let her go on more difficult missions, even participate in the Chunin exams. When she woke up, she found that she had been asleep for more than sixteen hours though she couldn't fathon how she sleep so long.

Not wanting to continue this cycle, Karura packed her stuff and attempted to make her way out of the village undetected, moving in the shadows and keeping an eye out for her father's many bodyguards as well as the village's other shinobi who were on the alert for her trying to leave.

Na'Jorne has been sent on a mission from Rakon Nara, his sensei to scout a new area for the village to create more farms, due to the village increasing number of ninja. While jumping through the forest to find a good spot Nj said to himself "I dont see why I have to do these stupid missions that any ninja could do. I just wish that I could go on the real missions and test out all my new Jutsu." Nj continues his voyage to find a good piece of land.

Back at Karura's house, her father Gaara knocked on her door and waited for a response, not getting one, he tried again and when there was no response again, he simply entered and found that his daugher was missing.

Hearing the alarm ringing, Karura cursed silently to herself and hid behind a cactus, which was a lucky break as a squad of four shinobi went pass her moments later, not even noticing she was there. Sighing silently to herself, Karura continued to hide behind plants and buildings to advoid detection, growing much closer to escape however, she realized right before it was too late that the main entrance was guarded so she would have to find another way out.

Nj settled down after about an hour of searching and he belives he found a great area for the new farms. "This is perfect, theres a river and theres not that much trees to cut down anyways." Nj said to himself very proudly. Than his face suddenly turned to a frown. "I just remembered that Rakon wanted me to get started on the land for the farms to be set up." Nj said loudly in a way that sounded that he was annoyed, because he was.

Nj than starts the cut the trees with his Shadow Stab Technique. It takes about 10 minutes just to cut down one tree due to them being so thick at the base.

"This is so stupid." Nj shouted. "Why do I have to waste chakra just to cut down trees, its ridiculous."

Making her decision, Karura headed for the other side of the village where she could escape into the unexplored desert beyond, making sure to keep out of sight and unheard

Making her decision, Karura headed to the other side of the village making sure to be unheard and unseen and magnetising a few things on the way. when she was halfway to her destination, she used her technique Magnet Release: Magnetic Flight Technique to make things start to fly around as she runs, distracting the ninja of the village and throwing the residents into a panic.

As they attempt to figure out what is going on and calm the civilians, the shinobi look around franticly trying to find the culprit however, said culprit was almost to her destination and working hard to stay out of view however, her father reconized the technique and pattern, making his way to chase after her.

Na'Jorne finnaly cuts down the trees after about 5 hours. Na'Jorne than lays in the grass tired due to the amount of chakra he used. So Na'Jorne lays there peacefully,  looking into the dusk sky. "Why do I have to go onto missions that dont even test my full abillitys." Na'jorne complaied out loud. Na'jorne than falls asleep.

Still maintaining the technique, Karura uses the building near the edge of the village to climb over the wall by jumping between them and gaining height under she could jump over however, as she was jumping over, a hand of sand caught her, stopping her in midair.

Cursing silently again, Karura used her technique Magnet Release: Hidden Magnetism Technique to magnetise the sand then used the Magnet Release: Magnetic Flight Technique to manipulate the magnetic field around it and move it to block her father's viewlong enough for her to get free and out of view.

Back in the forest, Na'Jorne wakes up with a small weight on his chest. Na'Jorne finds a black bunny with a white spot on its eye sleeping on his chest. Na'Jorne leaves the bunny there and remembers when he was a child that animals always took a likeing to him, but he could never have a pet because Rakon wouldnt let him.

Na'jorne lifts his head and starts petting the bunny. "What are you doing little guy." Na'jorne says cheerfully. "Hmph, I wonder if Rakon would let me have a bunny?" Na'jorne questioned himself.

Na'jorne than gets up with the black bunny in his hands and starts walking back to the village. "No need to rush myself, im still a bit tired." Na'jorne said outloud.

Running fast and hard, Karura headed towards Iwagakure in hope that once across the border to the Land of Earth, her father would stop chasing her however, she could her him and his sand coming after her on the breeze so she stopped brieftly to magentise random things around her then when she was halfway to the Land of Wind's borde when Shukaku contacted her from within her mind.

He laughed and said to her "So, trying to escape your father are you?" He laughs again and says "At your current level of speed and stamina, you will never outrun him and he knows how to counter your Magnet Release which means you can't use that to buy time, leaving me as your only option."

Realizing what he was trying to do, Karura got mad and in a yelling tone said "I don't need you, all you do is destroy and once you take control, I'll be nothing but your slave and I refuse to let that happen!" Shukaku laughed again and replied "If your caught, your father will have you guarded more closely than ever and next time, you may not be able to escape."

About a three quaters to the village Na'Jorne had an idea. "Wait, I wonder how my jutsu will work on animals?" Na'jorne asked the bunny. Na'jorne than set the bunny down and told it to stay, and than he backed up a couple of steps.

"Shadow Imitation Technique" na'jorne shouted. His shadow than got darker and streched out to the bunnys. They connected. Na'jorne started to walk whitch makes the bunny hop along. "Hmph, I wonder if sensei Rakon knows about this?" Na'jorne thought.

Annoyed, Karura admitted to herself that it was true but she knew that if she let him help her, her father's coaching to prevent being controlled by Shukaku would become in vain, arousing conflicting feelings within her but as she weighed the good and bad of the proposal, Shukaku spoke again.

"I can give you some extra chakra to enhance your speed and agility without taking over, all you have to do is trust me or would you rather be caught and placed under even more restrictions than ever before?" Karura's annoyance increases and then sighed, she had no choice but to use some of his power in order to escape.

"Very well but, if you try to go any farther, I'll stop you immediately so get on with it!" Shukaku laughed and replied for the last time "Very well my dear, just remember this in the future, your nothing without me, all you are is because of my help." Then the two parted and Karura felt a bit of the power of Shukaku run through her, changing her eyes to that of Shukaku and her nails then mimiced the claws of Shukau.

This change boosted her speed greatly, allowing her to leave her father in the dust and outrun his sand, a feat few if any can even claim. She felt satisfaction at looking back and seeing her father drift father and farther back as she continued further then a thought accrued to her, her father was likely has friends in Iwagakure so it wouldn't be safe for her there.

Making up her mind, the moment her father was out of few for more than a few minutes, she changed directions and headed to the Land of Whirlpools, in hope to hide in the old ruins of Uzushiogakure.

Na'Jorne has made it back to to Sensei Rakon's place. Once He walks in Rakon is playing shogain like always.

"Hey sensei Rakon, I found a good place for the farms and I found out a new usage for the Shadow Imataion Technique" Na'Jorne says while pointing at the bunny in front of him.

Rakon does his turn and glances over to the bunny and said "So, you found out it can control animals as well eh?"

He returns his gaze back to the board and continues playing then says  "Well, you wasted a lot of chakra to do so, so you better go rest up and release the rabbit, I'll make sure it get's back into the wild then tomorrow, your headed out on a solo mission to the land of Whirlpools, it's unoccupied so it should be safe enough though you may have to find rogues and or bandits but they shouldn't be too hard anyways.

Na'jorne looks at Rakon with a face of shock. "But I wanted to kept the bunny as a pet." Na'Jorne Said.

Rakon sighs and says "Because we are shinobi and because of that, we will have to leave the house for long periods of time, leaving it neglected and we can't take it with us as it would only get us killed if we tried to protect it not to mention most of our friends are shinobi themselves so they can't rabbit sit for us as they could be called out for a mission in the middle of taking care of it."

Making his move on Shogi, Rakon then says "If you really want a pet that badly, I'll see if I can get a ninja hound from the Inzuka Clan while your gone so go wash up for dinner, I'll be done with this in a minute and I'll join you at the table."

Na'jornes face turned around at that moment. "Thank you sensei Rakon!" Na'jorne says while releaseing the bunny of the technique. "Ill go wash up now." Na'jorne says while looking at the bunny. Na'jorne Then leaves the room to the bathroom to take a quick bath.

Na'jorne come back in the room an sits down to the wooden table. "So what did they say?" Na'jorne said with worry of not being allowed to have the new bunny.

Rakon smiles and replies "I told you I would ask while you were away on the mission, you haven't gone yet so I haven't asked and anyways, I had to prepare dinner so there was no time to ask but don't worry, I will ask so just enjoy your dinner." Then Rakon started eating, putting an end to the conversation.

Na'jorne eats dinner happidly and gets done early. Due to sensei Rakons rule Na'jorne wasnt allowed to leave the table. "So what is this mission?" Na'jorne asked so steady. Na'jorne thinks "Its been so long since I had a real mission "

Finishing eating, Rakon got up and grabbed the dishes, putting them in the sink then returned to the table and said "Your mission is to scout out the ruins of Uzushiogakure and secure any artifacts that the Uzumaki clan may have left behind but you are also tasked in identifying if the ruins and the area around it is safe for occupation. The strange thing about this mission is that the client is anoynamus and it is ranked as a C ranked mission."

Pausing to get his breath, Rakon continued about two minutes later and said "Unfortunately, your the only shinobi available, normally we do not allow anyone but a Jonin to go on solo missions however, we have been forced to make an exception but I'm on a mission in a nearby country so if anything goes wrong, I can head over as soon as possible."

"Oh." Na'jorne said. "I thought it was going to be a bigger mission that that." Na'jorne said sadly with his face getting gloomy. Na'jorne get up from the table and heads to his bed "Well I geuss I should get a good nights sleep then." Na'jorne said in a sad but somewhat happy tone of voice. "Good night sensei Rakon." as Na'jorne waves his hand to Rakon.

Sighing, Rakon says to his apprentice "It's more important than you think, missions are ranked mainly by difficulty, not importance and if it was ranked by importance, then it would be ranked at least A but regardless, if your mission is a success and you report that it is inhabitable again, then a new shinobi village will be built or maybe the old one will be reborn but either way, every village has the potential of changing the world." Then he smiled at Na'Jorne.

Na'jorne turns his head around and smiles at Rakon. "Thanks sensei for all you have done." Na'jorne then turns around. "Sensei, I have to ask, Why did you take me in." Na'jorne says looking down at the wooden tiles. "I have been meaning to ask you this its just that I thought it be akward you know." Na'jorne then looks up at Rakon "Out of all the other more talented kids at the orphange that could of been more successful why me?" Nj'jorne said like he was going to possibly cry.

Smiling still, Rakon replied "Talent is important a lot of the time however, that doesn't mean anything if you don't have the conviction necessary to succeed, talent alone can only get you so far, it's hard work and determination that truly takes you far and it often gives one talent. I was born with an abundance of talent so I don't know what it is like to be in your shoes however, I learned that early on from rivals who would continuelessly beat me at just about everything, embarrassing me and yet, people didn't seem to notice, which made them more determened to prove themselves."

Taking a minute to remenise, Rakon's smile grew until it was a full grin and said "I saw your potential not in talent, but in your determination and while I did notice a spark of talent, it was your fierce determination to survive, to get a home that made me pick you that and you're a fellow Nara, I couldn't just leave you there if I didn't have to."

Na'jorne looks down to realize what Rakon truly ment by that. "You." Na'jorne said quickly, then takes a deep breath. "Thanks Dad." Na'jorne said with a smile on his face, trying to hide the tear that dropped from his eye. Na'jorne than goes into his room to get ready for tommorw.

As Rakon sat there after Na'Jorne went to his room, he had flashbacks of his childhood, remembering his relationship with his own family, how close he was to them and how they always knew the right thing to say when he needed them.

It wasn't too long before his back and bottom ached from sitting there too long and he was forced to retire back to his room, still thinking about his own childhood and his early adulthood, both before Na'Jorne and when he was young.

The Land of Whirlpools

Na'jorne has finnaly made it To the Land of Whirlpools for his mission to go to the caves. "Well I got this far, I can get to the caves in no time." Na'jorne said as his stomach growled. "Ha, I guess I could eat for a bit.". Na'jorne ask around for the best restrunt in town. "Exusse me lady but could you tell me were I could fined someplace to eat?" Na'jorne asked politely.

"Hmmm. Oh yes, just down the road."

"Thank you!"

Najorne grew a great big smile when he entered the restraunt smelling all the great food. "How many?" The waitress asked. "Oh, just me." The waitress walks him to his table and hands him a menu. "Can I get you a drink", "Umm, yes ill just have a tea, if you would?" The waitress than leaves to get his drink.

Na'jorne looks through the menu. He then relizes in the corner of his eye some guy took money out of a womans purse. Na'jorne gets up from his table and intercepts the man before he was able to leave. "I dont think you should leave without giving that money back." Najorne said in a stirn voice looking down at the man. "Your a ninja. Im sorry i'll give the money back." As the man said walking back to the lady and returning the money. He passed by Na'Jorne withot a word. Na'jorne walks back to his table and the waitress comes up to him. "Thank you, Do you know what you would like to eat." "Yes I do, I would like to order the rice and chicken." "Ok it will be out in a few minutes."

After Na'jorne came out of the restaurant he starts to run to the ruins. "I hope I can make it back before sensei Rakon" Na'jorne thought to himself.

He finaly made his way to the ruins. "Time to go in." Na'jorne said out loud. He enters the ruins of the destroyed town to start his search.

Focusing on where she was going and what she is doing, Karura ignored the persistant nagging of Shukaku to talk with him, not wanting to give him a chance to trick her into releasing him onto the world and as his nagging stopped, the ruins of Uzushiogakure came into view.

She sighed with relief and increased her speed, wanting to find a good spot to make camp as soon as possible, slowing down to a walk as she came to the edge of the ruins, looking all around her like a tourist though it was not only her desire to see this place and find a camp spot that made her look around, she also was looking out for enemies who would try to ambush her.

Coming towards the middle, she found an amazingly well preserved house a little on the east side of the village though not too far from the middle and made camp there and after resting for a bit and eating, she started to magnetise the broken architecture of the ruins with her Magnet Release: Hidden Magnetism Technique encase enemies should appear.

That took a few hours and exhaughted her chakra reserves, leaving her out of breath and barley able to walk so she lumbered back to camp, stumbling along the way and entering the house, she collapsed into her sleeping bag, near instantly falling asleep, remaining alert just enough to know when she needs to wake up suddenly to react to a threat.

Na'jorne has looked around the village only find one artifact so far. It looks like it was made out of gold and iron, but had shiny red rubys down the middle of it. Na'jorne looks around for a decent looking place to sleep. He sighs in disapointment. "Theres no place to sleep it looks like." Na'jorne says out loud in an exausted tone. "Maybe I shouldnt of ran here." Na'jorne thinks to himself. He looks around for a ok looking house, he was lucky to find a bed that he could sleep on.

Na'jorne lays down and puts the artifact right beside him. Before going to sleep he think to himself "I wonder if ill be able to name the artifact since I did find it?" Najorne then falls asleep into a deep slumber.

She woke up and stretched then she went through her bag and tok out some food, cooking it in a pot she brought with her and after spending half an hour of letting it cook and five minutes of letting it cool, she dug in, enjoying it just enough to finish it though it was not her favorite food, not by a long shot.

When she finishes, Karura cleans up and grabs her tools bag then leaves the building to go for a walk, heading towards the east side while looking around and couldn't help but imagine what the place must have been when it was at it's hayday, remembering what she heard about the people who use to live here.

Na'Jorne wakes up after a good nights sleep. Na'jorne thinks while getting out of bed "I wonder if there are any more aftifacts to find?" Na'jorne picks the golden and silver artifact and puts in in his backpack. He walks out and starts to look around. Its a little after morning but still has a small sunrise. He then notices someone in the corner of his eye. Its a girl around Na'Jornes age. "Hey!" he shouts to try and get her attention.

Suddenly turning to him and pulls out a few kunai and said "Stay where you are or I will kill you where you stand!" her heart started to race and thoughts of fear that he was here to drag her back to Sunagakure raced through her mind.

Determined not to go back, she tried to guage whether or he has touched something she had magnetised but unable to determine that, Karura decided that she would have to assuume he didn't and prepare for whatever happens, keeping a laser like focus on the newcomer.

Na'jorne responded "Ha, your funny, But im not trying to hurt you." while he walked up to the girl "You can trust me, see Im from the leaf, and I see your from the sand. Nice to meet you whats your name." Na'jorne said looking down at her due to his height and holding out his hand waiting for her to shake it. "If your going to attack me you should do it now." He said with a smile on his face.

Jumping backwards several feet, she skidded to a halt and got ready to throw her kunai at a moment's notice then said "I don't trust you even if you are from the leaf, I'll decide to spare you if you tell me your name and purpose of being here but I won't necesarally do the same." As she waited for his response, she uses the Magnet Release: Hidden Magnetism Technique by releasing chakra from her feet to magnetise the ground under her and the stranger in hopes to make up for not knowing if he is magnetised or not.

Na'jorne look at the girl as though she was kidding. "Ok.... Imm Na'Jorne form the Nara clan as you already know. Im here to try and find artifacts that might of been left behind." Na'jorne then start to walk to the girl holding out his hand. "And you might be?" Na'jorne asked with a smile on his face.

Karura smiled, realizing he must be on the low end of the Nara gene with his level of stupidity and replied "A refugee, you don't need to know anything mor about me except that by approaching you have fallen prey to my technique, your entire body has been covered in it so back away now, this is your final warning or I'll throw."

Not waiting for a reply, she cut him on the palm of his hand with one of her kunai, cutting him shallowly and withdrawing back a few feet, her kunai still ready and ready to draw her Katana at any time, she waited for his next move.

Still stading there with his hand out. Drawing his hand in to look at the damage he said "Well then, I guess im going to get serious." Na'jorne than grabs a black round ball and slams it into the ground. A big cloud of smoke arised and surrounded Na'jorne, that was a Nara Clan Smoke Bomb

All you could hear from the cloud is Shadow Imatation Technique. A streching shadow comes out and surprises the girl and grabs her shadow. "Cant move I see." Na'jorne says behind the girl. Na'jorne created a Shadow clone that used the Shadow Imatation Techniqe to capture her. "Well, how about you tell me your name?" Na'jorne said with a big smirk on his face.

Karura had nearly no way to break free and was annoyed, not wanting anyone to know very much about her and while she struggled, Shukaku in his prison within her smiled and said "You need me." She was about to rebutt that but she felt his power flow through her, giving her the initial powers of a jinchuriki, allowing her to break free of the technique.

Now free, she smiled and said while forming a hand seal "It's not that easy to beat me and I am not one of those idiots who tell someone everything about themselves just because the person asks, who I am is my business and mine alone so either leave me alone or die!"

Na'Jorne had a face struk with suprise. "How did you do that?" he asked. "You must have a big power to break out of that so easily." Na'jorne wonder how she did get the power to break free, even thought he dident use his full power that he would normally done he still wondered. "Why?" he asked the girl. "Why do you want to run off. I dont get it. You say your a refugee but just by looking at your clothes you must be of some wealth at lease." Na'jorne said to the girl. "If you dont trust me than fine, I dont trust people that much eather but you dont have to worry about me." Na'jorne than spins in a 360 turn. "You see I have 6 Shadow clones right now, but I wont let them attack. Ill desummon them." Na'jorne desommons all the shadow clones. "But if you so wish we could go full power non-stop battle, or I can leave right now." Na'jorne said pointing the other way. He grows a smirk on his face "I have one more option, you can run off with me, my sensei most likely take you in as a student, what do you say." Na'jorne waits for her response.

Karura laughs and says "I am a lot stronger than I look and it will take more than a team of shadow clones to stop me, especially since they are weaker than you are without them so you just wasted a lot of chakra not that it matters, my technique is active so I will activate it if I need to but to answer your question, I have spent my entire life never getting to be a true shinobi, by being on my own I can finally be one!"

Releasing her hand seal, she put away her kunai and brought out her katana, ready to charge at her enemy at a moment's notice, using her Magnet Release to ensure accuracy.

"You are more stupid than I thought." Na'jorne laughed as saying it. "If you leave your village then your a missing ninja." Na'jorne looks into her eyes. Right now your just leaving your village, you cant become a true shinobi." He trys to explane in a matter that wouldnt upset her. "If you want to become a true shinobi than except my offer, and if you dont think ill protect you you no matter what, That is my ninja way, To suvive and help those who survive!" Na'jorne said loudly. "So what do you say?" he asked

Laughing Karura says "If you knew anything about me, you would realize that my position means I can't become part of any village, they will just turn me in and I will be worst off than before I left, that is not an option and I can become a mercenary, belonging to nobody and working for everyone which is better."

"Well in that case." He said holding his hands behind his heads. "I could hire you to help me find artifacts, 500 yen sound good." He asked. "That can be your first mission."

Karura smiled, and took some bandages from her bag, moving towards him and siezing his hand, wrapping it in the bandages before retreating a few feet and said "Looks like we have ourselves a partnership."

Hunt for The Artifacts

The newly partnered pair made their way to the west side to look for the artifacts, Karura made sure to keep an eye on her new partner as she was not entirely convinced he could be trusted however, she didn't make it obvious as she needed to trust him at least a little bit in order to get the mission over with.

After walking for a few minutes, Karura asked while still looking around "So, why would your village send you out here all alone, normally only Jonin are allowed to go on solo missions and I don't get the feeling your a jonin so what happened?"

Na'jorne says while still looking for any artifacts. "Well." he paused more focising on finding anything. He continued "All the other ninjas were on more important missions, but I was free." Na'jorne consintrates on his surroundings. "Do you feel that?" Na'jorne asked Karura. Na'Jorne than rapidly looks around to try and figgure something out.

All of a sudden a group of three bandits came out of nowhere demanding "Gives all you got and we wont hurt you." Na'jorne stands his ground and says "Bring it on!" as he pulls out a kunin preparing to strike at any moment. He than thinks to himself "I hope that Karura knows where im going at."

Karura laughed and stepped forward then said "You fools don't realize that I rigged these entire ruins to my advantage when I arrived yesterday, by stepping into it, you fell victim to my technique so I suggest that you leave us alone or you will be feeling the full effects of my techniques and together with my partner, you will be totally devestated."

With that, she brough her hands close to get ready to form a hand seal as to prove she is not bluffing and all the while she has a large grin on her face, focusing entirely on the three intruders as thoughts of how amusing this will be with the very high likelyhood that they will ignore her warning.

The three bandits rush the two of them thinking that Karura was joking. They go after Na'jorne thinking that the "little girl" wouldnt be able to do anything. Na'jorne fought off the bandits making them rethink there plans. They then rush both of then once again. This time they mean it. They go full force.

Out of the corner of Na'jornes eye, he sees one of the bandits making hand signs. Na'jorne then kicks the two bandits away from him and rushes to the other one. He gets behind the ninja right after he used a fire technique, stabbing the bandit right in the heart. He then rushes to Karura blocking the fire technique from posibly killing her. As he took the damage he told Karura "Use that damn Technique now!" he shouted. Falling down from taking the direct hit from the fire technique.

Sighing, Karura simply shakes her head and makes the bird hand seal, pouring her chakra into it and making the remaining living bandits fly around aimlessly until they knock into each other, knocking them out then bent down to tend to Na'Jorne, putting some medicine she carries on his wounds then bandaging him up the best she can before getting back to her feet and going over to the two bandits.

Once towering over them, she bent down and took rope out of her bag, tying them up back to back and leaning them against one of the ruin's walls then returned to Na'Jorne, sitting by him and keeping an eye out until he is awake and recovered.

It wasnt long before Na'jorne was back up and ready to move on. He looks around and sees the two bandits tied up. He walks to the one he killed is not moving, just laying there motionless, Na'jorne realized what he had done. He had taken a life, something he wished he had never done. He looked around and found Karura sitting. He walks over to her and sits next to her. "So, thanks for bandaging me up." Na'jorne said while looking at Karura.

Karura turned to look at Na'jorne and said "Well, two people looking is more effecient than one and besides, I need you for that 500 yen you promised me for helping you and besides, I prefer to leave my abilities unknown, easier to do so when you have a partner who doesn't need to do so." She smiled at him then turned her gaze to her bag, closing it and picking it up, then she got up and attached it back to her side and walked over to the captives.

She said nothing, not really knowing what to say however, she was also thinking about what to do with them, not just what to say to them yet, nothing came to mind still so she continued to stand there thinking as she stared at them.

Na'Jorne walks to Karura's side. He looks at the captives thinking of what he should do with them. Na'Jorne clenches his fist. "Karura!" He said in a stirn and serious voice. He looks at her "I want you to keep on serching for relics." He said in a more calm voice. He looks back when he killed the bandit. He thought to himself "They could of killed her, could of killed allot more than that to." He starts to clench his fists even harder then before. "I will take care of them." He said with anger in his voice. "You just go and find more relics." He made sure she understood.

Hesitating, thoughts of worry passed through her mind a she considered her options, not liking the thought of murder and death even if they did attack, the bandits were helpless against her Magnet Release techniques so there is no worry about them trying to kill either of them.

Making up her mind, she sighed and said "No. They are helpless against my techniques and even if they somehow over come that with some miracle, my hidden power won't allow them to survive to kill either of us so let me handle them, it was your mission first to find these artifacts so go search, I know what needs to be done with these two."

Na'Jorne had a face of anger and looked at Karura. "No!" He shouted. He calms down after a couple of seconds. "I have done bad things in the past." He said while turning to her. "I dont want you to do the same." He said with great sadness in his voice. "We will let them go." He turned his head away from the bandits and start to walk. He looks behind him and ask Karura "Are you coming or what?"

Karura said nothing, instead she walked up the bandits and untyed them, putting the rope back into her bag before turnng towards Na'jorne and following him to look for the artifacts. Staying behind him, she made a hand seal and bandits behind her was lifted into the air and send into opposite directions then when she was confident that they were far enough apart, she released the technique and came to walk by Na'Jorne's side.

While looking for artifacts Na'Jorne told Karura "We dont know each other but." He hesitated. "I dont want you to become dark like all the other potentilly great shinobi." He then realized a sparkle of lite from the left of him. He starts to run over there and finds there to be a ninja headband. "Do you think it was from a ninja that lived in the village?" He asked Karura.

Following Karura came to a stop next to him and bent down to look at it and reconized the symbol, saying "The symbol of the Uzumaki, the clan of shinobi who use to live here has a different symbol, this belongs to a shinobi of Sunagakure but I can't tell how long it has been here, too must dust and dirt covering it, could have been days or even years since this was dropped."

Karura got up to standing position, picking up the handband as she does and looks around, not seeing anyone but feeling the hand band may be important, she dusts it off and puts it in her bag, confident that keeping it will bring to light many things in the future and so she closed her bag with that thought and said "Let's go."

Na'Jorne thinks to himself. "Why was the Uzumaki here?" He was puzzeld and tryed to make work of that. "So Karura?" He paused "That power of yours, Thats would be the Magnet Release Correct?" He gave her a puzzled look. "If i'm right the third Kazekage had that ability." Na'Jorne started to put thing together but didnt really focus on it, he was trying to find more artifacts.

Taken by surprise as she was, Kaurura was able to hide it from Na'Jorne, replying with "Why do you assume it is Magnet Release? It's an extremely rare ability and not even the the three children of the Fourth Kazekage inherited their father's Magnet Release."

Na'Jorne gets annoyed. "Karura, dont lie to me." He said in a threating voice. "I have studied various types of techniques, so I can find a way to deflect them." he paused "Magnet Release was one I ran across." He faces Karura as he put everything together. "Your the daughter of the Kazekage!" He shouted.

Well, your indeed smarter than you look however, you should then realize I have you magnetized like the bandits which means I can not only hit you with expert accuracy but manipulate the field around you to do other things as well so your absolutely no threat to me, even if you are a Nara." She continued to walk forward and then stopped suddenly after a few feet, looked over her shoulder at him and said "Oh ya, I created these techniques myself and only one person in the world knows how they work so your studied of Magnet Release will be futile against me, especially as I use a different style than everyone else who has ever used it." Then she continued to walk.

Na'jorne looks at Karura. He thinks to himself "How did I know that?" he wondered. After a while Na'jorne looks into the sky. Its going to night and that wont help them one bit in searching for the relics. "Hey Karura, I think we should set up camp." Na'Jorne suggested.

Karura turned to him and said "I'm set up on the east side, right at the edge of the ruin's middle if you need me unless you rather us find a place to make camp together for safty purposes, we can do that real fast and meet back in the middle of the ruins."

Na'jorne thinks the options over extensivly, thinking of every situation. He starts to speak "I think we should create a camp site together." he explained. "We would be allot safer, we can take turns gaurding one another." But in his mind he see this as an oppertunity to create a bond between the two.

From the moment he said they should make a camp together, he mind stared going over what she knows about the ruin and remembering her training she came to two possibilitle camps sites. "Well, we can always use the building I am using as camp, it's not too bad sized and well preserved, it can hold us both but might be a little tight as it is still a ruins house or, we can go to north side and make our camp there, I saw a spot that would be perfect."

Na'jorne thinks. "What would be better?" he wisspered to himfelf. "The house." he explained. "It will be lease noticble." he looks at Karura. "What do you think?" asking what she thought of the idea.

She simply smiled and said "When scouting the place, I choose the house."

They reach the house. Karura went in first as Na'jorne followed. "So, this is the house?" He asked stupidly. "That was a stupid question." as he relized. He then searches around the house to see if he could make sure no one could sneek in. He returns to the main room where Karura is in. "So" he paused noticing a huge wave of power came from her. He thinks "What was that?" but he ignores it. "I think we should get to know each other." Na'jorne said.

Karura stared at him for a moment than said "I'll tell you a bit about myself however, you don't need to know everything about me so there will be much withheld, I am sure you can understand why." And sits down near her stuff.

Na'jorne sighs. "Ok."he said than paused. "How old are you, im 15" he thinks of another question. "Umm... Thats all I got, any questions you want to ask me?" Na'jorne asked nicly.

Giving a short laugh, Karura said "I'm 15 as well, I use gold dust as a tool for my Magnet Release and have a good variety of metal weapons to work with."

Na'jorne hmm's with intrerest. "My only special wepond in my own smoke bombs, allows me to use my shadow techniques while in them." Na'jorne trys to think of more questions. "So, why did you run away from home, I know you told me to become a shinobi but the real reason?" he asked in a carefull way so it wouldnt piss her off.

Staring at him for a minute she said "As a Magnet Release user, they wanted me to hone my skills a lot more than I have before letting me leave the village on missions, because of that I have never done C ranked missions, just trained under heavy guard as they were afraid to lose me."

Na'jorne grows a face of confusion. "But that makes no sense." He thinks to himself. "But?" he paused to think what he could say. "Thats doesn't make any sense." he explained. "Just because you have a rare Kekkei Genkai doesn't mean they would holf you back from missions." Na'jorne thinks "Maybe it had to do something with that power, but I don't know." He starts to talk "Tell me the truth." He demanded.

Growing angry, Karura said "Don't push me, your lucky to be alive and it was me who saved your sorry hide from the bandits, you know all you need to know at this time, should you need to know more you will however, keep angering me and you may not live to tell the tale of our meeting!"

Na'jorne also gets angry. He thinks to himself "What is this feealing I keep on having?" He was confused due to him not figuring it out. "Ill take the first shift for the gaurding." Na'Jorne picked a chair and walked outside to place it down onto the rough patch a dirt. He thought to himself "I need to analyze things about Karura, to try and figure out what she is hidding." He starts to think intensivly but keeps his gaurd up.

As Na'Jorne leaves to full the first guard shift, Karura starts to calm down however, a jolt of pain goes through her body, the source being Shukaku as he wishes to harness her anger as hate and take control but her resistance and the fact she is calming down prevented his power from taking the intended effect, creating pain for Karura.

When the pain finally dies down, Karura sighs and thought to herself "If he were ever to find out what I am, that I am a Jinchuriki he would surely freak out and likely turn me in as well but I can only delay him finding out, not prevent it entirely so I better chose the time and place for it."

From deep within her, Shukaku laughed then summoned her to talk.

While outside thinking over and over, trying his hardest to put every little detail together. He thinks "What does it all lead up to, it has to be something bigger than a simple mission." He gets frustrated and throws the chair ito the ground breaking it into pieces. Right before he was going to yell he feels a huge amout of power coming from the house. He runs in nearly breaking the door. He sees Karura siting there looking as thought she has been in pain. He sits next to her and ask "Whats wrong?" in a sothing voice.

Karura wasn't able to respond to Na'Jorne immediately as she was talking to Shukaku. "Why have you summoned me here Shukaku, I don't have time for your nonesense, staying alert and ready is the only way we can survive and your distracting me!"

Shukaku laughed again then replied with "Your new so called "partner" suspects your hiding something bigger than you have told, it won't be long before he finds out, after all he is a Nara. Then you will be forced to kill him or suffer the concequences however, only with my help can you break free from his shadow techniques. let me help you and we can kill him, take his stuff including the money and be on our way without any unnecessary work."

Growing angry, she said "I don't need you, your nothing more than a demon who wants to take advantage of me, if I need your power I will take it until then, Leave me alone!"

With that, the contact ended and she exhaled then replied to Na'Jorne saying "I'm alright, I simply suffered some injuries on my way here that are still healing, I'm a fast healer so it won't be a problem for long."

Na'jorne took into account with waht Karura said about being a fast healer. "Ok." he said in a worried voice. He gets up and says "Get some rest ok." Na'jorne grabs another chair and places it where the old one used to be. "Damnit." He wisperes to himself. He thinks harder than before. "That power, that could of been nothing." He thought. "How does this all add up together." He tried harder and harder to figure it out. He then had a sudden thought go through his head "Jinchūriki." Na'jorne read it in a book when him and his sensei Rakon were looking on ways to deflect techniques. One of the books where on jinchūriki and how they can be given great amount of power and may help awaken hidden Kekkei Genkai.

Na'Jorne walks back into the room and sits infront of Karura. He look stright into her eyes and tells her "You need to tell me the truth." He waits for her response.

She sighs and says "I have already told you what you need to know and I have also told you that I refuse to tell you anymore, now get out of my face before I make you!"

From within her, Shukaku laughed again, thinking to himself how perfect this is and how close to controlling her he is and realishing every moment of it.

Na'Jorne dosnt get angry but instead grabs her hand and looks up at her, just to make eye contact. "You need to tell me." he said in the most calm voice that anyone could hear coming from him. "Are." He took a long pause. He than got the courage to ask her. "Are you a jinchūriki." but before Karura could say anything he continued. "I wont hurt you or do anything, I just need to know." he said in a honest voice.

A Change of Heart

Close to her snapping point, Karura stares at Na'Jorne and says with a serious look on her face "Don't make me kill you!" as the hate and anger of Shukaku flows through her, attempting to take over. But while she was close to killing Na'Jorne, she didn't want to unleash Shukaku, then everyone would know where she was and she would be in deep trouble.

Na'jorne lets go of her hand. "You" he paused. "You need to get a hold of your self." he said while looking out the old rusty broken window. "If you cant control it then I will leave now." He turns to Karura. He waits a few seconds berfore saying anything. "I know my own limits." He admitted. "If you were to get overcomed with the power than I have no chance of survival" He then waits for a response from Karura

Her anger growing, Karura said "You know virtually nothing about me, you make assumptions without facts and press me to talk about things I have no wish to, I agreed to help you find the artifacts and told you some of my basic information so be content with that!"

Na'jorne lets out a burst of rage. "NO!" he shouted at her. "You think you have such a bad life huh!" He explained. "You have a family, people to go to!" A tear rolls down his cheak. "You dont understand what being alone means! You have a great power so train to control it!" He gets more fustrated. "I dont know a thing about my birth parents!" Na'jorne relized what he was talking about did not relate. He calms down "You need to tell ME THE TRUTH!" as his rage took over. "TELL ME NOW OR I'M LEAVING!" He shouted as loud as he could.

Close to unleashing Shukaku's power she replied with "You have no idea what it is like to have a life like mine, your free to move around your village at will, to go out on missions to other countries! I lost my mom in childbirth and my father is too busy with keeping the village running right that I hardly see him, sitting in my room most of the day reading or training in a secluded part of the village! I spent four years secluded from the village living in a shack at the outskirts of the village so you have no idea what it is like to be me!"

Out of anger Na'jorne walks outside and punches the ground. "That dark power of hers." he whispers to himself. He gets up and walks to the chair. He than sits down and thinks how to make Karura feel safe with him, he than realizes that he shouldnt even care for her. He then just solely focuses on protecting the house, and the relics.

With Na'Jorne outside, Karura was able to calm down and deny Shukaku his victory, allowing her to think more clearly on how to proceed with the mission on hand and gain the trust of her new teammate Na'Jorne, even if it was only a temporary alliance, they needed each other to complete the mission.

Na'Jorne wakes up to the morning sun. "I fell asleep." he yawned. He got out of the chair and steped in front of the old dust door to the broken down house. He thinks "What if she is still mad, can I really trust her?" he questions himself. After about a minute of thinking he finally opens the door to find Karura sleeping soundly. Na'jorne walks over to her and shakes her genteelly. "Hey wake up." Na'Jorne says in an ignorant voice, still a bit mad. He gets his gear on and waits outside for Karura.

Waking up, Karura yawned and stretched a bit, careful not to accidentally hit the wall or something then got up and stretched some more. When she was finished, she grabbed her gear and put it on her waist and went outside to join Na'Jorne, trying to remember what she thought of last night to get Na'Jorne to trust her.

Na'Jorne looks at Karura and tells her. "So I was thinking last night about the headband." He pauses to gather up all of his mental notes. "When I was studying wars and tactics, I came across a book based around a so called myth." Na'Jorne starts to walk. "The myth was that the Uzumaki clan had a small war here because this village betrayed them." Na'Jorne looks back at Karura noticing how her hair falls perfectly in place. He shook his head to get rid of that thought. "So I think we might be sheading some light onto this myth."

Turning to Na'Jorne she says "That is only a myth, the people of this village were Uzumaki, I heard a lot of people in this fallen country had that surename and I doubt they would betray their own so if there is anything to shed light on, it may be their actual history."

Na'Jorne grows a big smirk. "But, here is the thing." he paused to laugh a little. "People think that this village was a so called branch of the Uzumaki." he looks at Karura with exitment because he has always been interested in history. "The village wanted to make there branch the main tree." He explais to her. "They were jelous and wanted to exterminate the main so they could take there so called rightful place" Na'Jorne asks Karura "What do you think?"

"That doesn't sound like the Uzumaki at all, but let's take a look at the south side and see if we can find anything to back our stories up so let's get going, we are burning day light."

They start to walk a bit faster trying to find more artifacts. Na'Jonre slightly looks at Karura and thinks "I need to be more aware of her." He than get a slight chill down his spine. "Why can I feel this power?" He whispers to himself.

As they were walking, Karura thought she saw something metal refracting the sun to her left, getting a wierd feeling that she should check it out so she turned and moved in it's direction, trying to find the source.

Na'Jorne noticed Karura walking away. He looked her way and moved his eyes to her lower backside. He thinks to himself "Hm, she is quite nice looking." He snaps out of it and starts to walk to Karura and ask "What are you doing?"

Still walking she says "I think there is something this way, it could be an artifact but be ready because it could easily be a trap by rogue shinobi or bandits but even with that in mind, I just have the feeling I am suppose to go to it."

Na'Jorne looked at the ground trying to focus on hearing any ninja. He looks up and takes a quick scan of there surroundings. He turns his head to Karura "Well I dont see of hear any ninja." he says.

Stopping in her tracks, she noticed it came from her right this time so she turned and walked towards it again, preparing herself mentally for all possibilities.

Na'Jorne had a slight feeling in his head that they were going to be in trouble. He takes a quick scan again but dosent see anything. "Are you sure you saw something?" Na'Jorne asked Karura.

Without stopping she said "Yes." as she continues to follow the strange light refracted towards her as it disappears and reappears in another place, hoping that Na'Jorne is still following.

Na'Jorne thinks for a second "Should I trust her?" He continued to decide until he was sure that he could trust her but he is still worried that the beast inside her will overtake her body. He kepts on following her trying to figure out what she is looking for.

Suddenly stopping in place, Karura looked around franticly to find the light again but couldn't and as she looked for it, Karura noticed that she was unsure where in the ruins they were and worried that Na'Jorne would be mad for getting them lost so she didn't say anything and instead tried to figure out what to do.

Na'Jorne kept on following Karura trying to figure out what she was doing. He gets next to her and ask "Do you even know what were looking for?" He turns to Karura waiting for her awnser.

Sighing she said "Not exactly but I am sure it is something important, it just disappeared though....."

Na'Jorne looked at her with a confused look on his face. "What do you mean by disappeared?" He asked. Getting fustrated, he lets out a sigh and shakes his head.

Karura sighed again and replied "It is gone, nowhere to be found and I don't know why......Looks like I lead you here for nothing, sorry."

Na'Jorne looked at Karura with dissapointment. "You should have told me that earlyer." he tells her. Before they start to walk back he asked one more question. "You may get mad for this but I have to ask it, do you want to learn how to control the tailed beast?"

A fit of laughter erupted from Karura moments after Na'Jorne finished and after laughing for five minutes straight, she said "Only a Jinchuriki can teach another Jinchuriki how to master control of their tailed beast and nobody has ever done so for mine, hes the wildest and most evil of them all."

Na'Jorne laughs. He looks at Karura and begins to talk. "Like i have said, I know my limites." He goes on. "Their is a very special clan, well." he paused to think. "They arent exactly a clan." He sits down on a nearby rock to explain it more. "They are a group of people that have a great power, some even have power that surpasses the tailed beasts. They are called the 7 Cursed Sages from the Cursed Clan. Roumors say that one lives in the moutains nearby." He looks at Karura giving her a look that tells her to take the offer.

Laughing again, Karura said "Extremely few are more powerful than the tailed beasts and it is unlikely to be anyone of these seven sages you speak of not that it matters if one is, we need to find these artifacts and complete the missions so I can get paid already."

He looks up at her. "Well then." he pauses. "They have great power, and have felt the way you have. It may not make sense but trust me." he gets up from the rock and starts to walk. "After the mission we can go find him. I have a few questions myself that I need to ask them. Keep your eyes alert alright."

The Temple

Walking north in hope to find their way back to their camp, Karura steps on a lose stone brick and loses her balance, nearly falling over but caughing herself at the last second and jumped back, accidentally into Na'Jorne who was following her. The two collapsed onto the group with a grunt.

When Karura landed on him he instantly rolled over, he ended up on top of her. They were on ground with Karura below him. He looks into her blue eyes. In the heat of the moment Na'Jorne reaches in and gives a slight kiss to Karura.

Taken by surprise, it took Karura several seconds before she understood what was going on and moments after she did, Karura broke free from Na'Jorne's kiss and rolled out from under him, going a few feet before standing up erect but saying nothing.

After realizing what he did he stood up as fast as he could. He looked at Karura. "I'm not going to be like other guys and pretend that nonthing happened." Na'Jorne said

She continued to say nothing, instead she stared at him for a few moments and then looked down at the stone brick and decided it must be removable so she bent down and tried to slide it out of place but her muscle alone was not sufficent.

"Ok." Na'jorne sighs to himself. He comes over and helps Karura move the brick. He was going to say something but decided not to.

Together, they managed to move the brick but it took them several minutes and they fell in exhaughtion down onto the hidden stairwell that was beneath the brick, panting as they tried to regain their breath.

Na'Jorne got up from the ground and held out his hand to help Karura. "Where do you think we are at the moment?" He said while helping her up.

Taking his hand, she let him pull her up as she used her own strength to get up and once fully erect, she replied "Not sure, I don't remember seeing this area when I toured the ruins before but that means it is likely here is where we needed to go all along." as she said the last few words, she turned to look down the stairs and not waiting for Na'Jorne's reply, Karura started down the stairs.

Na'Jorne followed grabing his kunai in the time he would have to use them. He looks around for any traps making sure they wouldn't trigger any. He gets to Karura's side. "What do you think this place is?" He asked her.

As they continue down the stairs, they found themselves in the doorway of a room unlike that either have ever seen before. Karura didn't reply right away but took several moments to take in what she saw then replied "This must be a storage place for Uzumaki artifacts but there seems to be duplicates of some things, it's impossible nearly to know what is the real thing and what is fake."

He laught slightly. "Back in the village me and my sensei were some of the greatest researchers in the village." He brag on. "We had permission to go into the black part of the library which is filled with secret information. Including the Uzumaki clan." He looks around to find an artifact. "They would usually have a mark on it, most times the Uzumaki mark. Most likely be ingraved into it."

Ignoring his bragging, Karura walked around and looked for the mark, finding it on a few artifacts after walking around for several minutes and as she found them, Karura grabbed them and put them into her bag, magnetizing them just encase first. As she found the fourth one, she asked Na'Jorne while still focusing on the artifact "Is there a list and description of the artifacts we are suppose to be looking for or do we just bring back whatever we can find?"

Na'Jorne stood there trying to recall if his sensei told him anything about the artifacts. His mind grew a blank. "No." he responded. He was walking around trying ot think why his sensei didn't say anything. He stoped and looked at Karura. "I really dont know." he said in a suprized tone of voice.

Sighing, Karura keeps looking, finding an artifact every few minutes and magnetizing it before placing it in her bag but as she did, she replied "Well, we better just get everything we can and get out of here, I have a bad feeling about staying here longer than necessary."

Na'Jorne does a last check on all the fake artifacts. He stuffs his backpack with as many artifacts that he can. "Well Karura, I think we got all the real ones." Na'Jorne starts to head out. "I think we should go back to camp." He said as he starts to walk up the sairway.

"Alright then." she said, following him to the starcase and when halfway up the stairs, she look back to see if they missed anything but not having missed any, she turned around and followed Na'Jorne out and walked back with him to their camp after putting the stone back in place.

They arived at the broken down shack. They both walk in and set there gear on the old wodden table that was a little lopsided. Na'Jorne pulles out his wallet and grabs 500 yen. "Here is your payment for your help within the mission." he said as he handed the yen to her. "But I still sugest that we look for that Cursed Sage." Na'Jorne suggested.

Taking the money, she put it away and then returned her gaze to him with the reply "Very well, but we shouldn't spend too much time with him, these artifacts need to get back to the client before he or she get's impatient."

Na'Jorne turns and grows a smirk. "Very well then." as he picked a chair up. "I'm going to guard the house." he went outside and placed the chair down looking out for any signs of danger.

Karura checked to make sure her gear was in order then leaned back against the wall and thought about that strange light refraction she kept seeing and how it just up and disappeared all of a sudden. She eventually fell to sleep without noticing.

Na'Jorne wakes up outside sitting on the chair. The bright sun was up and ready signaling a new day. Na'Jorne get up and brings the chair inside. He sees Karura up against the wall. He turns around and sees her gear on the table next to his. He puts on all of his gear checking twice to see if it was fully straped in. He walks over to Karura and crouches to her level. "Karura." Na'Jorne said while shaking her lightly.

Waking up, Karura yawned and looks around, remembering where she is and what she was doing there then she got up and stretchd, walking over to her gear and checked it, finding everything in order she prepared breakfast.

Twenty minutes later, the two of them were eating then after finishing, they cleaned up and packed up, heading outside where Karura said "Alright, we better make our way to this Sage of yours now."

The Sage

Na'Jorne led the way to the mountains in search of the sage. He turns around and sees that Karura is having trouble getting up the mountain. He walks next to her and ask her "Do you need my help." as he gets down waiting for her to jump on his back.

Growing angry, she said with a flash of anger in her voice "I'm not some weak little girl, I am a powerful shinobi and I don't need your help!" then she climbs up past him, her anger gone but thinking about what his motives may be for offering.

He folds his arms and lets out a sigh. "I have climed dozens of moutains before." he then zooms past her and gets a good distance between them. He sits down on a somewhat flat ledge. He waits a good ten minuets before she even got to his point.

As she get's to his point, she frowns and ignores him, stopping on another part of the ledge to rest for a few minutes and said nothing, wondering how he got up here so fast.

Na'Jorne stands up and holds out his hand. "We need to work as a team. I have climed moutains much steeper than this and I was carining a 100 pound sandbags." He crouches down to help Karura up.

Karura snorts and slaps his hand aside and get's up by herself saying "I am the powerful Jinchuriki and wielder of the rare Kekkai Genkai Magnet Release, all you need to do is make a plan, a sound one and I'll do it, otherwise don't help me." With that, she continued her way up the mountain.

Na'Jorne starts to git annoyed. "Fine." he mummbles to himself. He then races up to the top of the mountain as though it was nothing. As he is on top of the mountain he looks around to see anything out of the ordinary. He spots a little wooden balcony with an entrance into the mountain. He runs back down to Karura not even breaking a sweat. "I found an entrance, I need to carry you to make things a little faster." he says nicely.

Cursing under breath, Karura says "Fine" in an irratated tone and got ready to get on his back, checking her grib and her gear so she wouldn't fall and her gear wouldn't fall then waited for Na'Jorne.

Na'Jorne then takes off jumping from ledge to ledge. He jumped over the mountain within seconds. About three minutes pass by untill he reaches the wooden pourch in front of the entrance. "Well it seems as though we are here." he told Karura. Na'Jorne goes into the hallway that seems to be there for ages. He starts to walk a bit faster to try and find the sage.

Out of nowhere a white bearded man walks out with a sword and points it right at his chest. "Who are you?" he demanded. "Why have you come here?" he asked before they could answer the first question.

Na'Jorne told the man "We have come here to train with the Cursed Sage." in a strong voice, even though he was frightened.

Karura moved forward to stand next to Na'Jorne, looking at the old man with disbelieve that he could be the one they had come to see but she said nothing.

The Sage looked at them both. He sheathes his sword and points at Karura. "You my dear child." he said in a less stirn voice. "You are one that holds great power." He then points at Na'Jorne. "How are you still alive?" he asked. "Its impossible."

Na'Jorne looked at the old man with a face of shock. "What do you mean by that?" he asked.

The sage told him "Your mother had the curse mark. You would of needed it to survive, and yet you can still get it." He then starts to walk down the hallway signaling the two to come along.

Na'Jorne instantly follows to see how the old man knew his mother.

Kaurura followed the pair, wondering how the sage knew about the beast that dwelled within her but said nothing.

Na'Jorne caught up to the old man and asked. "Are you the sage?" when they entered a giant room with great pillars. Na'Jorne was amazed on how wonderful it was. "What is this place?" he asked forgeting about his first question.

The sage responded "This is where you two will train. And yes I am the Cursed Sage." He told. He then grabs Na'Jorne by the arm and places him in the middle of the room. "I still dont know how your living but I'm going to make sure you live today." he said as he did about 500 hand signs within a few seconds. "This is going to hurt." He turned he head to Karura "If you dont want to see your friend in pain then look away now." he suggested.

Shrugging Karura turned around to face the outside, not saying anything but wondering about the whole curse mark thing, she knew Orochimaru had something to do with curse marks but her information about that was vague.

You here static. Na'Jorne lets out a terifying shriek of pain. "IT HURTS SO MUCH!" He shouted in pain sounding like he is about to burst into tears. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" he asked sobing. The sage stays quiet. After about 2 miunets of screaming and static, it all stoped.

"You now have a curse mark." the sage said gasping for air. "Still dont know how this kid survived wothout it." he mummbled to himself. He thinks "This kid could be quite the strong one."

Na'Jorne gets up and shouts at the sage out of anger and pain. "What do you mean I have a curse mark?" he demaded. "Why would I need one anyways?" he asked.

"Because." the sage said. "Your mother had the curse mark so you should of needed one to even live." he explained. "Its a mirical that your still alive to this point." He stood up and rested up against the pillar. "Tomorrow you two begin your training." he said while stumbling back to a room of into the side. "There should be some bedrolls for you two." he shouted from the room.

Na'Jorne looks at Karura. "What the hell was that?" he asked falling to the ground. He layed there all sweaty and gasping for air. He falls into a sleep to hopefully gain more energy.

Karura said nothing, she didn't know what to say or do, all this made no sense to her and the puzzle of it kept her awake so she decided to stand guard, walking to a position where she could monitor every entrance with her peripheral vision while using her main site to keep an eye on Na'Jorne.

Na'Jorne wakes up in the morning with the sun peircing through the sun roof. He pushes himself up and notices he has blurry vision. He looks around and cant see a thing, his vision is getting worst by the second. "Help!" He shouts out of terror. He craws around serching for anything he could grab to ensure his safty. "Karura!" he shouts. "Where are you?" he asked.

Half awake, Karura hears Na'Jorne's cries and snaps awake, quickly blinking to clear her vision then rushed over to Na'Jorne to assess what is going on. When she got there, she grabs hold of him and tries to figure out what is going on.

"Karura, is this you?" he asked. He lets her help him up. "I cant see." he said to her. He trips bringing Karura down with him. He was under Karura and told her "Get the sage!"

Taking hold of Na'jorn, Karura leaned him against the wall and told him to not move then she ran in the direction the sage disappeared to last night in search of him, nearly tripping over her own feet several times.

Karura went into the sages bedroom and shook him wildly to wake him up. He wakes up and looks at karura, without saying anything his eyes widen and he got up and walked out. He saw Na'Jorne against the wall seming to be confused. He walks over and crouches to him. "What is your problem?" He asked.

Na'Jorne rapidly turned his head to the sage. He grabs hold of him by the shoulders and yells "What did you do to me? I cant see." as his vision went completely dark. "Not a single thing!" he added.

The sage looks at the back of his neck where he had placed the curse mark at. He gasped. "You." he paused trying to think what to say. "You have one of the most powerful curse mark I have even thought of." he said in a voice of amazment. He continued to say "You were one that did not need the power to survive. But now your body is rapidly adapting to it." He grabs hold a Na'Jornes face to calm him down. Out of guilt for destroying his vision he promised him "I will train you to be your best without you sight." He helps Na'Jorne up and walks him outside into a garden.

Na'Jorne allows the sage to lead him out into the garden. "Where is Karura?" he demanded.

As Na'Jorne said that, Karura was making her way back to him slowly, using the time to think about what was going on but she couldn't figure anything out, it made no sense for a hermit sage to know so much unless he has contacts which seemed unlikely.

The sage told Na'Jorne "This is where your going to learn how to sense things out." He continued "You dont need eyes to see. As I am blind myself." he explained.

The sage grabed Na'Jornes face and tells him "Your a sensory type." he said calmly. He turns his head to Karura. "Karura dear, could you come over here and help?" he asked.

Karura quickens her pace and get's there in no time then grabs hold of Na'Jorne and waits for further instruction by the sage, not saying anything.

"Ok." he sighed. "This is going to sound weird but trust me." he said to Karura. "I want you, Karura, to walk in a circle around Na'Jorne. Just back up from Na'Jorne first."

Embarrassed to be asked to do such a thing she asked "And why pray tell should I do what you say? You have a lot of explaining to do to us and besides, I don't even know anything about you, doing what you say could be dangerous for all I know."

The sage looks at Karura. "Because." he said. "If you want Na'Jorne to be able to sense things around him then do as I say. We will train him, it shouldn't be that hard." he proclamed. "But after this we will help you control the Shukaku."

Growing annoyed Karura said "You may know things you shouldn't but what you don't know is that he isn't really my friend, hes my temporary partner on a mission he hired me as a mercenary shinobi to help him accomplish, if it was for that, he would be dead right now, I don't need anyone blabbing about me behind my back and causing me trouble. As for Shukaku, only another Jinchuriki or former Jinchuriki can teach a Jinchuriki how to master their tailed beast and I highly doubt you qualify for that old man."

The sage laughs. "Let me talk to Shukaku then?" he asked her laughing. "We have meet before." he proclaimed.

With that statement, she grew red in the face with anger and said "If I let him out, he will destroy this entire place then he will proceed to destroy the world, you don't even realize how evil and tricky he is and you act like letting him free is not a big deal?! Your insane!"

The sage laughs. "I have a technique that is beyond S Rank." he continued to explain. "Its called Chakra Communication, it allows me to talk to , well, your chakra." he said while laughing. "But it will also allow me to talk to Shukaku without him being summon. All I need to do is put my forehead to yours."

Stepping back once, Karura said "Do you even realize how devious he is?! He is the most cunning and devious tailed beast of them all, he decieved his last host for years into believing he, Shukaku was someone else and used that to control his host and nearly destroyed the hidden leaf village!."

The sage laughs. "SHUKAKU!" he yelled in the most angry voice that rummbled the garden.

What could only be described as an explosion of pain surged through her body as Shukaku attempted to take control once again. As Karura wrestled with the pain, trying to keep Shukaku from gaining control of her, she shouted at the sage "You must be crazy because now he is trying to break lose and even all both of you together can't beat him!"

The sage loses his smile. He goes to Karura forcing her forehead onto his. The pain is taken away by the sage. He finds himself to be Karura's chakra network. "I have to find his room." he told himself. After looking for a few minuets he found Shukaku's room. He forces his way into the seal itself and finds that all there is between him and Shukaku are rusty old metal bars. "Hello Shukaku, remember me?" he asked.

Shukaku laughs and replies "Of course I do, we tailed beasts have long memories, especially for such unique people such as yourself. What brings you to my prision honorable sage?"

The sage laughs out loud. "You know." he said cocky like. "I want you and Karura to get along." he demanded.

As the sage finished his words, Shakaku laughed again and said "Shes nothing more than a child, she has not the strength to command my respect or use my power, she is mine to do as I see fit but I'll make you a deal, if you come to me and let me feel a small portion of your power, I'll try less to take over Karura."

The sage laughs. "Ya right!" he yells. "But I'll make you a diffrent deal." he said. "I will give you a burst of my chakra, if you dont try to take over at all and give her power when she needs it or if she calls for it." he waits for Shukaku's answer.

Giving a laugh that dwarved all his others, Shakaku said "What makes you think that a small burst will appease me, your chakra is immense, give me about that of my Jinchuriki's reserves and I will agree."

"I'm not that stupid." he replied. "To give you that kind of power I would have to break the seal, but I will give half of Karura's chakra reserves. Thats it!" he shouted. "What do you say?" Waiting for Shukaku's answer.

With another laugh Shukaku said "Very well, you better hope she can handle it, for everyone sake." With that, he disappeared into the sand of his prision and waited for the sage to do good on his promise.

The sage walks over and touches the sand. He gives the amount of chakra he said he would, but also making sure that Karura wouldn't be hurt in the process. He backs up. "If you dont kept your promise you will be sorry." he said as he faded out. He releases Karura's head. "Do you feel ok." the sage asked.

Snapping back to reality from wherever her mind had been occupied, she blinked and said "Ya, I think so. What happened?"

"I made a little deal with Shukaku." he responded. "Now if you would, walk around Na'Jorne." he told Karura.

"Whatever deal you made with Shukaku you shouldn't hold your breath for in hope he keeps his end of the bargain, hes a lying and devious bastard who deserves to be destroyed. Anyways, what good will me running around him like an idiot do?"

The sage sighs. "It will allow him to see without needing eyes. This is how I see." the sage told her. "And if he breaks the promise then send a message bird to me. I'll set him right." he then gives Karura a signal to walk around Na'Jorne.

Sight Without Sight

It was now Karura's turn to sigh and after the quick sigh, she started to walk around Na'Jorne, feeling pretty stupid but she knew she at least owed it to both Na'Jorne and the sage to do it anyways so she buried her feelings of what she was doing and continued.

The sage walked to Na'Jorne and placed his hand on his curse mark. "I'm going to help you with sensing chakra." he told Na'Jorne.

Na'Jorne then tried to focus. He then opened his eyes and turned his face to Karura. "What the hell!" Na'Jorne shouted. "Who are you!" he questiond backing up into the sage.

Continueing to do her part, Karura said nothing to respond to Na'Jorne she simply focused on her part while keeping an eye out for the sage's further instructions. 

The sage looks at Na'Jorne. "It's ok." he reasponded. He then flows chakra into his mark to increase his Sensing ability.

After realizing that it was Karura's chakra he calmed down. "What happen to you?" he asked her.

Karura said nothing at first, then after several moments sighed and while still walking about Na'Jorne and the sage said "It was the tailed beast within me, Shukaku, the demon of the sand. Jinchuriki constantly fight to keep in control until they eventually befriend their tailed beast or die and today was another battle in the war for dominance."

"What is this burning in my neck." Na'Jorne said as he grabed his mark. It started to spread across his body rapidly into deep dark dashes.

The sage got up and walked away. He looks at Karura "You think you could fight him?" he asked Karura.

Smiling, she stopped walking and looked at the sage and said "I know I can, hs already under the power of one of my techniques so it wouldn't cost as much chakra to battle him as otherwise besides Shukaku will attempt to help me in order to gain control so I don't think it would be fair to battle him."

The sage kept a stright face. "Shukaku!" he yelled. "Don't help her at all!" he told Shukaku. "And Karura, don't underestimate the curse mark." The sage told Karura with the most serious face.

Out of nowhere Na'Jorne runs to Karura kneeing her in the stomach and retreated a few feet, making two clones.

Annoyed, Karura used the bird hand seal and Na'Jorne along with his two clones starts to lift off the ground and flew around the room, nearly hitting each other several times and as they did, her annoyance turned to laughter, preparing to bumb them altogether to get rid of the clones and damage the original.

While Na'Jorne was up in the air he noticed that his shadow was touching Karura's. He made the Rat sign and instantly connected with Karura's shadow, letting Na'Jorne to use Shadow Imitation Technique.

A look of surprise washed over Karura's face when she realize she couldn't move then she smiled as Na'Jorne came falling down, hitting the ground hard and breaking his hand seal, releasing Karura as he was distracted from the fall then she hoped out of range and made the bird hand seal again, throwing him at the wall furthest away at him.

Little did Na'Jorne know, the fall was so hard, the clones he made has been destroyed on impact.

Na'Jorne hit the wal but was still struggling against the technique. "You bastard!" he yelled in a fit of rage.

Snorting, Karura said "You have to use what you know about your opponent when battling and you have not done that not that you know much about me anyways so you don't stand a chance unless you start acting like a real Nara which is not likely."

Still stuggling Na'Jorne the curse mark start to retract.

"Put him down gently." the sage told Karura.

Karura put him on the ground gently and then walked towards him briskly, not wanting to wait for him to use his technique again and before he could react, she was in front of him, her hands on his shoulders then she started to absorb her chakra back and retreated back to her position, waiting for him to make his next move.

"Calm down" the sage said. "He is all spent up. We should rest now." he said as he walked back inside to his room.

She went over to where he stuff was laid when she went to sleep last and sat down then she used the Magnet Release: Hidden Magnetism Technique to magnetise the room and everything in it then she attempted to use the rest of her chakra to magnetize the rest of the building, exhaughting her chakra and collapsing into her sleeping bag fast asleep within moments.

Learn To Control

Na'Jorne woke up on a patch of grass. "What happen?" he asked himself as he grabed his stomach feeling that he might throw up. He got to his feet and feeling a little bit better. He held out his hands to make sure he didn't run into anything. He found his way into the main room, he sensed Karura's evil chakra. "What kind of power does she posses" he asked himself. He walks over to her and gets down onto his knees. He then lightly pushed Karura so she would wake up.

As he was pushing her, Karura gradually opened her eyes and as started to sit up. She yawned and looked at Na'Jorne then said "Good morning."

"Good morning." he said weakly, not due to last night but because of Karura's evil demon.

The sage walks into the main room. "Ok your up." he said in a tired tone of voice. "Lets eat shall we." he told them as he did a rapid motion of hand signs. Out of no where, a cloud of smoke like a shadow clone appeared and out of it a table with food appeared.

Karura got up and walked over to the table tired as can be and starting grabbing things to eat, eating rather slowly but enjoying every second of it even though she was tired.

Na'Jorne worked his way up. "Why did this have to happen?" he asked himself. He followed the scent of the food to find his way. He found a chair and sat down eating what was in front of him. He ate his food quite quickly. He was the first one to be done and got up from his chair. "Are we going to train?" he asked them both.

The sage got up from his chair and walked to Na'Jorne. He placed his hand on his curse mark. He pumped energy through it. "That should help for now." he said as he walked outside.

Na'Jorne was able to follow by the sound of the sage's footsteps. He turned around to were Karura would be. "Are you coming?" he asked.

Finishing eating what she already had in her mouth, Karura filled her plate back up and followed the duo to where they would train, eating along the way to keep her strength up as she had a feeling that she would need the extra strength this time around.

They all walked outside. Na'Jorne walked up to the sage. "Why can I see chakra and hear so clearly?" he asked the sage. "And why did this have to happen to me?" he asked out of pure curiosity. He waits for an extraordinary answer.

The sage looks down at him. "Hey child, you have been blessed with a gift." he told Na'Jorne. He puts his hands onto his shoulders. "You can do all of this because..." he paused as a single tear droped down his left cheek. "I'm able to see because we have the same rare abilities, you have something amazing." He made Na'Jorne go to his knees as he went along with him.

They were now keeling on the grass. The sage puts his forehead to Na'Jorne's. He looks through Na'Jorne's chakra system. "I'm going to unlock your power." he wispered quietly. A surge of pain run's through the sage's head. He is transfering all of his memories to Na'Jorne but taking up all the pain. He starts to glitter with the bright sun shining down on them two. It turns out that the sage was not as old as he seemed. It turned out that the sage was only 40 years old but the power of the sages before him.

The sage now started to to burst into shining sparkels and his entire body started to lite up. He told Na'Jorne something that he would never forget, something that would stay with him his entire life. With the final memories and power being transfered to Na'Jorne, the sages body then suddenly made the biggest explosion of light and yet it was amazing and so beautiful that one could cry.

Na'Jorne got up slowly crying. But before he could get up he fell right back to his knees. You may think it was pain but no, it was joy and yet he was angry and confussed. He had now had such power but he could not use it yet, although the sage told him within time he would be able to. He worked he way up very slowly. Once he got onto his feet he faced Karura and opened his eyes. He was once again able to see.

He slowly walked to Karura. "We." he paused due to his excessive crying. "We shall leave in about an hour, I just need to look for somethings." He then stagers along into the sages bedroom, finding the same scrolls that his dad had created. He also found even more advanced scrolls with amazing technqiues. He stuffed all the ones that he didn't have, even the ones that he wasn't sure if he had or not.

Karura had frozen in place with a look of utter surprise on her face when the whole odd affair started, she didn't understand what was going on or how it would effect Na'Jorne, let alone her. Even now that the sage was gone Karura stared at where the two had been, lost in the depths of her mind as she attempted to put together the mystery of this event.

At the beginning, she simply stood there staring, taking in what was going on as her mind tried to make sense of it with the little information she had however, she must have analysed it more than a dozen times as the event unfolded and another dozen after but nothing made sense.

She hardly noticed Na'Jorne leave to search the sage's room but as he searched the sage's room, Karura heard the laugh of Shukaku and she found herself facing him once again, a look of surprise still on her face but she did not move.

Shukaku stared back at her for what seemed to be hours though were really mere moments in the real world then he finally spoke. "You strain yourself trying to figure out what is going on, the truth is you don't have nearly enough information to understand even one percent of what just accured, let alone how it effects you." As he said that, Karura noticed a look of seriousness on his face never present before.

It took her a long while before she could respond but when she finally did her words were not lined with sarcasm or anger like they normally are but with true curiousity. "Are you saying that you do understand what just transpired and because you do have enough information?"

A smile came over Shukaku's lips and he replied "I have only met the sage once before but no other sages of his kind so I do have more information to work with than you do however, your not ready for this information just yet but with my help, I can prepare you for it then you will better understnd what your friend has become."

Karura hesitated to respond because she knew that Shukaku was working some angle to take control of her as he always is but at the same time, she knew she needed that information, causing great confusion to arise within her with no easy solution.

Having been taught by her father since getting Shukaku how to deal with him and how to be a great shinobi without the help of her tailed beast, she knew that his help was not necessary but if he truly knew vital information she needed, Karura had no choice but to attain it, the only problem was she did not know what price it came with.

Her father had explained that with the tailed beasts, their help always came at a high price and that is why he had prefered not to use Shukaku's power when he was the Jinchuriki so she continued to stare at Shukaku, unsure how to proceed.

Mission Complete

Na'Jorne had stoped crying. He walked passed Karura and stoped. "Shukaku." Na'Jorne wispered with a sad tone. Out of no where he shouted "SHUT UP!" that made the entire garden rumble, and would scare the mightest of foes. After camling down he walked right next to Karura looking down to see her face. Na'Jorne lightly moved Karura's hair to get a better look. "I will tell you everything." Na'Jorne told her.

"Just not here." he mumbled. He then picks up Karura and jumps through a small hole and out of the garden. He then caries her all the way back to camp. As soon as they got to camp he gently let her down going to the burnt out fire pit, trying to relight it.

Taking pity on him, she looked around and spotted some kindling and grabbed it then she moved to the pit and put it it while Na'Jorne attempted to light the fire but still not succeeding, she took out her sword and one of her kunai then moved to the pit and bent down. Hovering near it, she positioned the kunai and her sword to be just above the kindling and rubbed them together close to the top of the kindling, creating sparks and lighting the kindling.

Checking her weapons, she found them to be unharmed and put them away then sat down across from Na'Jorne and said "Alright, start explaining."

Na'Jorne stayed silent for a few seconds. "That sage." he paused to gather his thoughts. "He was my father." Na'Jorne stayed silent. "When he put his forehead to mine he transfered all of his memories, that also contaied previous memories of the sages, and his power." he looked up at Karura. "He wanted to give me the curse mark when I was first born but he was sealed up by a ninja that had one of the most powerful Kekkei Genkai ever seen." Na'Jorne's face had an expression of confussion. "They were able to take him away but he broke free using so much of his chakra to do so. He would of come back but he was pronounced a rouge ninja." Na'Jorne gets up and starts to walk back and fourth. "And he truely doesn't know how I am still living." he suddenly stoped.

He looked a Karura with anger. "Your." he paused trying to think of what to say. "That dark power of your is just pissing me off." He realized what he was saying and stoped. "Sorry, but I know how we can train you to somewhat control Shukaku." He said with a happy smile on his face. "I do have." Na'Jorne paused clenthing his fist. "My fathers memories. But we should turn in the mission first." He suggested.

Karura snorted and said "Like I have said, only a Jinchuriki can train another Jinchuriki to handle their tailed beast and that is because only a Jinchuriki truly understands another Jinchuriki so no matter what you say or do to Shukaku, things will be the same. But don't worry about me, my father trained me to handle Shukaku so let's go turn the mission in tomorrow."

Na'Jorne let it slide. "Whatever, I'll kept watchout." He said as he sits in the chair that is already outside. "What she doesn't know." he thought to himself.

Although she didn't how much he could actually help her, Karura knew he did have the ability to help her at least a bit but soon the mission will be over and they will have to part ways after all, she was merely hired to do a job and with it complete, she has no reason to stick around Na'Jorne.

Once the morning had come Na'Jorne got a fire going and cooking some breakfast. After he made a decent meal he went into the house to see that Karura was sleeping. Na'Jorne stand there just looking around the room and found her bag with the artifacts in it. He slowly opened it and found a mask. Since Na'Jorne has such a background of history he closly examined it. After about 5 min. he came to the conclusion that it was simple mask and put it back into the bag.

Na'Jorne goes over to Karura and wispered "Wake up, I made some food." in her ear. He then walked out and waited for Karura to come outside.

Karura just barley heard Na'Jorne wisper in her ears but it was enough to penetrate her dreams and awaken her from her nightmare. She dreamt that she had been taken over by Shukaku and was terrorizing Konohagakure, turning the soil and grass into sand which she in turn used as a weapon to kill Konoha residents and bury the village under sand, making Konoha a miniture desert.

Sighing, she stood up and stretched her arms above her head then wiped the gunk from her eyes then went outside to eat.

After getting done from eating Na'Jorne stood up. "Are you ready to leave?" he asked Karura.

Swallowing the last bite of her food, she set the plate and stared at her bowl for several minutes then replied "We should clean up after our meal first then I have something I need to talk to you about before we leave here."

He nodded his head and started to help clean up. After they were done cleaning Na'Jorne asked "What did you want to talk about?"

Karura said nothing as she started to clean up after their meal, taking the plates and their utensils then the pot and before she knew it, there was nothing left to clean and she was left having to figure out how to explain what she wanted to say though unsure how to say it.

Na'Jorne waited for a few seconds. Staring at Karura. "Are you going to tell me?" he asked in an unpatient tone.

Sighing, she said "Very well." and stared back at Na'Jorne. Hesitating, she was unsure how he would react but she gathered her courage and said it anyways. "It is time for us to part ways, my part of the mission is done with so now you must complete the rest of this alone."

Na'Jorne was a little bit stunned but not to much. He let out a small sigh. "Ok." Na'Jorne finally said. "I understand, you want to be your own ninja." Na'Jorne then pulls out a piece of paper and starts to write on it. "I have some contacts through out the land." Na'Jorne started to explain more. "I might have found another person with a tailed beast within the Land of Iron." He passed the peice of paper to her. "I guess I should take the artifacts now." he told her as he held out his hand.

Karura takes it and puts it away in her bag, not even looking at it, still staring at Na'Jorne. "It's not that I want to be on my own, the five great nations, particularly my village and Konoha are very close so I can't get go inside without being detected and reported. I'll accompany you to the border but I can't go any further then I'll be on my way." 

With that, she turned and went into her bags, pulling out the artifacts and giving them to him in rapid succession, demagnetizing them as she did so.

Na'Jorne took all the artifacts. "Thats ok." Na'Jonre said. He walked passed Karura. "You don't have to come, you have to go your own way." he told her as he suddenly stoped. "But if that bastard Shukaku does anything, find me." Na'jonre grumbled in the most angry of voices. He then takes off back to his village.

She didn't wish for them to depart on such bad terms so she follows and intercepts him several yards away and facing him she says "Like I told you at the beginning, going back means I will have a life of boredom as others completely control where I go and do which is not ideal for me or I would go into the village but I said I woud stay with you til the border and I will."

Na'Jorne was starting to get fustrated. He then suddenly stoped and looked at Karura. After about a second for Na'Jorne to calm down he grew the ever so slightest grin. "Who said that the fun had to stop now." Na'Jonre told Karura laughing quite a bit. "when we get there you wait at the border, I'll come back and we will go searcing for the one who has a Tailed Beast." Na'Jorne then starts to jump back to his village.

Caughting up to him she moves along side him in perfect synch and while focusing on what she was doing and going, she said to Na'Jorne "You can't abandon your village, you need it and it needs you, I'll be fine on my own being a user of Magnet Release."

Na'Jorne had a face of confusment. "Who said I was going to abandon village?" He asked. "I can ask to have time off, I'll just say that I'm going to do some intensive training." Na'Jorne told Karura. "Trust me." he said with a smirk.

Frowning Karura replied "But you have no idea how long it will take to go through the list you gave me, it could be months or years not to mention it is a lot more dangerous travelling with me then going on normal missions and you get payed to put your life on the line, there is nothing but danger around every corner for me besides, I am a rogue  ninja and it may be bad for you if people found out you were hanging around with a rogue."

Na'Jonre grined. "Well then." Na'Jorne responed still jumping and getting close to the border. "I guess I will have to tell you the entire story then." He grins as they approch the border. "It will take me about an hour ok, just wait here." He demanded Karura as he passed the border rushing to get to his village.

Sighing, Karura didn't understand why he was willing to go through all this trouble for him when she told him up front that he was in serious danger by hanging out with her. She remembered the list he gave her and took it out, staring at it for a few minutes then made up her mind. Karura put the list away and thought to herself "Sorry Na'Jorne but it is better if you were not around me right now but we will meet again."

With that, she turned away from the direction Na'Jorne went and headed away from the border in search of someone on the list she was given, trying to block out Na'Jorne from her mind so she wouldn't feel bad about leaving like this.

Na'Jorne felt Karura's chakra get farther away. He turned around and saw Karura leaving the border. "I guess she needs to do this by herself." Na'Jorne told himself. He then once again started to run to the village.

After about 20 minutes Na'Jorne reached the village. Instantly the gaurds knew who he was and didn't give such a friendly welcome. Once he entered he walked stright to his and sensei Rakon's home. Once he reached the house he stoped right at the door. "How am I going to tell Rakon about all this?" Na'Jorne kept on asking himself.

Many miles away, Karura had stopped to rest and thought of her recent adventure with Na'Jorne unintentionally and as she realized what she was doing, her teeth pressed against each other and a frown came over her lips as she attempted to turn her thoughts away from Na'Jorne but the only other thing there was to think about was back home in Sunagakure but that was just as hard so she settled for thinking of nothing, clearing her mind and staying completely still to let her body rest.

Na'Jorne at last finaly opened the door. He found Rakon at the old wooden table playing shogan. As always Na'Jorne took his shoes off and went over to Rakon with the bag of artifacts. he sits down carefully not trying to knock any of the peices over. "We have some things to talk about Sensei Rakon." Na'Jorne then suddenly started to cry the slightest but not enough for Rakon to notice. "How could he just do that to me?" Na'Jorne quckley asked himself.

"Is it about the mission you just got back from? You should return to the Hokage with your finding and give it to the client, he or she should be able to shine more light on what happened out there than I probably can." Rakon said.

"No" he reasponded. "My parents, they are dead. But my father." Na'Jorne said in a quivering voice. "He didn't die, he had to leave so he wouldn't have the village at risk, he was something called a cursed sage. I have told about them to you before correct." He asked Rakon.

Rakon played the winning move and then went and sat across from Na'Jorne and said "Yes, I have a bit of knowledge of them but there is still a lot we may never know about them that only they knew." As Rakon walked to sit across from Na'Jorne, the one he was playing against decided to leave.

Na'Jorne looked up at Rakon. "I meet my father." Na'Jorne said. "And, I absorbed him." he said with a slight giggle. "I have his memories." he finnished off. "I'm going to drop of these artifacts." as he got up and went to the Hokage.

Once he arrived he went straight to the Hokage. He put the bag full artifact on her table. Without saying a word she handed Na'Jorne his pay and he was on his way. He then got back home and took his shoes off.


  • This RP was originally named Kurura VS Na'Jorne then renamed to Karura VS Na'Jorne then later to A Fated Meeting.
  • Originally, this RP was made so User:Boredfan1 could test out how he did with Karura but later he and Na'Jorne decided to make it apart of the RP series Demon's Run.

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