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Name A2
Literal English A2
Other Name(s) Explosive Arrows 2
Hand Seals Release Hand sign
Range All Ranges
Type Kekkei Genkai
Classification Offensive
User(s) Anku

The A2 is a Explosion Release technique created by Anku. The A2 uses special arrows that when Anku funnels his chakra into it, the arrow forms a large arrow the size of a small tree when shot. The design of the arrow makes it to where when ever the arrow is shot from the bow, the arrow makes the chakra that was funneled into the arrow propale into a larger form which is kept in place by the arrow. Basically its like a trigger mechanism, when shot, chakra comes out into an arrow form the size of a small tree.

By weaving the release hand sign, Anku can split the chakra of the original arrow apart and guide it to its target using Wind Guidance if he wants to, if he doesn't use Wind Guidane, then the arrows would just go everywhere. Also this explosive is the type that explodes on impact and causes a bigger explosion than A1.

He can only split 10 smaller arrows from the original arrow that was shot from this technique, to compensate for this he will usually shoot 2 to 6 of these special arrows so a number of 6-60 arrows can be fired at one time.

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